Imagination or intuition? Ireland 😉🇮🇪

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Boil water notice Ireland
The boil water notice is in ⚠️HIGH ALERT⚠️ again.

Is this imagination or is it intuition? Stay with me for a second or two.
Heavy serious flooding and some flash flooding has been occurring due to the never ending poxy rain. You have seen it on some of the roadsides where the fields are flooding out brown muddy water on to the roads within minutes of the rains pouring down.

These muddy contaminates find there way into the water systems and often in flooding times more silt can be found in waterways, more than normal at least. These silts and the likes or even grains of mud for an easier way to to think of it, these grains can begin to clog up filters rapidly and is often a cause for water shortages and outages of service in times of heavy rains. Sometimes people can never understand, why when it is raining flat out is there a water shortage? These silts clogging stuff up in a very rapid fashion can be a major cause.

Remembering that in Ireland the rains seem to go on and on for ever. It is also important that I bring up a second point. Here we are in Ireland and the rains are beating the windows out of it and the water has been contaminated. A boil water notice has been issued for more the half a million homes (it sounds a lot more when we say half a million). The reports are used over and over again to say 600 thousand. Nobody will get frantic hearing 600 anything. Say a half a million and just hearing these mind boggling million numbers would bring about public outcry over such a farce.

Ahh, now we are getting to the good bit, Public Outcry.
There is a possibility that the guy who is supposed to add the chemicals to the water, the chemicals added to keep your rebel status in check.
If an establishment were to drug the surrounding area by adding chemicals to the water system then the public outcry will be kept at bay. Best and immediate area of focus? Surrounding Dublin area. So while paddy the plumber is adding the chemicals to the water, he went and forgot how much he put in. Of course, Mr. Water service man himself is a little buckled from the nught before (keeping in mind this is Ireland) he goes and forgets how much he put in and so he puts the whole bottle in. Alarms in the water facility are ringing and all a mess and a ⚠️Boil water notice⚠️ is issued.

Nobody is questioning what is going on with the water. With all the potential for protests and complete anarchy in this beautiful country of Ireland, it only makes sense that the water must be drugged. How else can 600 thousand homes be so pleasant to sit back and watch the entire country fall further down the slippery slope and their main concern is running to the shop to buy bottled water. Mind you, there was a couple of bottled waters recalled recently too from the shop shelves. So the orchestration of “drugging” the population has been set in motion even before this by removing bottled water from the shelves previously and then issue a boil water notice as the drunken water facility guy has spilled too much of the drugs in and the whole thing is hoped that nobody will really take notice.

Many of you have heard of how the French people revolt against the use of fluoride in their water. It is said that fluoride quells the desire to rebel inside of humans. Make us more passive so to speak.

So, playing around with voting in absences in the Dail. Focus on higher wages and bonuses to people in the Dail. All the shady business that goes on & on, in day to day business of the Irish government, let’s not even begin on the homeless and the “soup kitchens”.
It makes a lot of sense that your water is being messed with and in true Irish fashion “they” cannot even drug you on the sly, properly.

Is this a conspiracy theory? Is this my imagination? Is this intuition?
Go read up a little on the whole thing. Another beauty of the boil water notice is that, this will have people begin to drink more of the water because they think that they have to get more tea now before they become dehydrated.

Keep also in your mind that the surrounding area of the city of Dublin is affected. This 600k homes could mean 1.2 million people or much more. That is a large number of people, nobody wants to see that kind of a rebellion coming, “drug em some more”. Might be time to begin making demands of your country and quit putting up with the nonsense. I wonder how many boil notices will begin popping up more frequently once the riots (peaceful peotests😊) get underway.

Food for thought on your Monday evening😊
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