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Here it is, books!

TWO sons TOO many, memoir.
This was my first ever book. It is a total look back on a whole bunch of funky life shit.
It is all that stuff you never experienced. All those nice fun times and travels. All the heartache and pain one wishes to have never known.

The dream life and the worst nightmare all rolled in to one. A story nonetheless, my story. I lived it, I have loved it and I have lost in it.

This is a story about my life, the life I chose to live. Not a 9-5 life. Not a dream life. Plain and simple as it all occurred around me. How it occurred for me.

This memoir is a snippet of how it could be, a taste of how it is for another.
You will be very grateful in your thoughts and feelings. WOW factor a plenty, you will be so glad it is my story, when you finish reading. Enjoy.

17 & Life.
“A major crossroads or just a simple intersection”
My 2nd memoir.
A closer look at some of the earlier years. The teenage years.
We all arrive at points in our life where we wonder about our decisions. Times when the penny drops for us.
For me a major turning point of this nature was at the age of 17.
What is a major crossroads and why at 17?
It is the “blah year” the awkward year even.
No longer a sweet 16, the rites of passage, where did they go? No longer free and fanciful.
Though, not yet 18. Not yet legal in terms of all the adult stuff.
Revved up and ready to go, too old to be treated like a child anymore, yet not quite ready to be given full legal responsibility.
17 & Life, what do our decisions do for us? Is there a time in life when everything we say and do will be right? Will shape our entire life ahead? At 17, if I go left will the story all be different than if I go right?

Take this read and perhaps you will see fit to let the children have a read too (the teenagers that is).

My GRIEF the last 3 years.
This is a compilation of a journey through grief or with grief, would be fair to say.
Bringing together a mixture of poems and thought posts made through a period of 3 years. A progression record really.
The ebook is out there for any who might struggle along a journey of grief. A journey with grief, through grief.
A little funny take on this book is how I noticed looking back over it, how my own writing had gaps in it. Gaps where I was not feeling too well to write anything. The gaps showed me the extent of the pain and how much greater it is than I ever realized.

For your own comfort in your journey with grief, I hope this can encourage you to write some stuff down as a method of helping to cope.

Layman’s Handbook, in life.
“Simple tools to change how we live”
A journey to SELF.

Following on from a look back over my life and all the questions that had come with it. One day I came to a realization that I must begin to begin with answers.
No more questions. I was looking for answers for years.
Why did he die?
How did I end up in prison?
Where did I go wrong?
Why me?
Why are people being so cruel to me?

Ah yes, the questions. A turning point or a relaization was this, how come if I begin my day with questions I am drained so much? How can I find a peace?
Begin with answers not questions.

This has been a massive turning point. So how did this come about?
I never knew there were titles for such things that I was practicing in my life, “meditation” or “mindfulness”.
What began to occur was some great clarity. As I was writing these things down more eveidence of relaxation and good feelings were coming about.
Answers were the answer.

How can we arrive at such a place?
By building little blocks of “time out” and meditation into our lives. Soon the routine becomes like a second nature to us and we form a habit. This habit of mindfulness becomes us. There lies a place of great contentment.
Not the confusion of our relationships. The harshness of life nor the diffifulties we encounter every day.
I noted down many of the remedies I have discovered along my journey. I found some simple ways to deal with all of my own hurt and pain.

A hand book like a guide book sort or thing. A guide to help as we take on a journey into ourselves. One to pick up and leave down and read again.

When I was searching for myself, I found there were so many self help books that were filled with “psycho babble” that they were more confusing to me than helping me get anywhere. I really felt the book had to be written. I became so aware of many many other people who were stuck just like me.
Layman’s Handbook will become your own little private go-to book that can help as a an introductory to mind calming practices like meditation.
A practice guide to help ease an over active mind and a great story along the journey to help see the beauty and fun in life, all while finding it inside of SELF first.

I call it a self help book and many times think, that is not enough as layman’s Handbook is so much more than that, self care and self love.

When you have a ton of questions, I wanted to help guide the way to yourself.
Finding language inside of ourselves that we thought was gone forever.
You also have a ton of answers

Enjoy your weekend.
All the usual good stuff, for those who may have forgotten.
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