How IMPORTANT are you? ~ VERY😊

You are the best 😊

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How important are you?
What a great question and thank you for sending it to me.
Let’s dive right in. You are THE most important person. I know I posted the word very above in the title. Kind of like, VIP very important person, right? I am figuring out to myself right now that perhaps MIP would be a great new way to think of this, yup ~ Most Important Person.
Why so?
Because you are! Yes, it is that simple. You, yes you the person reading this right now are the most important person in your life. Hard to believe isn’t it?

Think about it for a moment with me. I will ask you a quesrion and you can pause on it for a moment.
Who is the most important person in your life?
Pause, 2, 3, 4

Okay, now who thought about the entire list? My Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents, Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife?
Did you go through the entire list in your mind?

There are different stages in our lives where yes indeed some of the people I mentioned above are absolutely the most important. Example, when born our mother is most probably the most important person as nurturing and food is essential to our existence. Then as we are child, our parents or grandparents are massively important as our guardians. At that stage we need protecting.

So how about now? All grown up and going about the place “adulting”?

I have learned that I am the most important person in my life. I am essential to my peace of mind. I am essential to my actions and feelings. I am essential to my progress in my journey of life.
Have you ever thought about these type of things?
I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below.

Here comes another massive portion of something that I have learned in my life journey.
You are massively important in my life too. What? Me? Who me? Yes, YOU!

I have learned that in order for me to survive and thrive in my lifetime that other people are important.

So wait a minute!
I am the most important person in my life? Yes correct.
Yet, other people are also massively important? So which is it, me or them?

In order for me to continue on my journey I am in need of others. I have found that without others there is no way to understand myself. Without others I cannot be challenged, be encouraged or be aided.
I too have needs of others. This is what makes you important to my life. Isn’t that something though for real?

Point being, I have a new project that I am aiming for 2022 to begin work on. The project link is below. When it comes to reaching more people and lifting this project up, I have found that it is other people who are a key component.

So do I need other people or do I want other people?

For me, I have found that in order for me to maintain peace and wellbeing in my emotional self, I can manage quite well on my own. For me to have peace in my mind, I have found that I am the most important person in my life.
Now that I am am applying myself to undertaking stepping stones towards my own personal goals and quests to build something. I do infact have need of other people. Imagine that. For a long time to maintain my own personal wellbeing I have not found a need of others.
This has been part of my journey thusfar. The healthy isolation has been and is a wonderful peaceful place to be. I encourage you all to recognise that you are the MOST important person in your life.

Ah yes though, when it cpmes to operating within the world, you have befome important to me also.
How come?
I wish for you to support my project with me.
How so? Financially?
Not exactly, what I have found is that spreading the word of my project carries a huge ton of value. Your simple shares on social media are something I am in need of.
The project is a crowdfunding project which needs “other people” to get involved. Typically I have become a full believer in doing things myself. Now though I have realised that it does not go ahead without you.
Without who?
Yes YOU!

I am providing a link at the bottom of this post and my ask is that you click on it, you pledge to support the project only if you can afford to do so.

My real BIG ASK is that you share the link.
Share where though? Share with who?
Again great questions.
My ask is that you make a post on your social media platforms and you paste the link into your post. You ask your friends to share the post also. I want to harness the power of friends and followers to bring more spotlight to my upcoming project.
So, why are you the most important?

I cannot do it without you and without your help.

When you share the link with your friends ask them to share it with 10 of their friends. Send the link to 3 or 4 of your friends on instagram for example and ask that they too will share the link with their friends.

Let me put it to you like this, your share of this project is more important to me than you can imagine.
If you are person who has ever,
Felt like giving up (then share the link)
Felt like you are the only one (then share the link)
Have experienced trauma in your life (then share the link)
Have experienced loss in your life (then share the link)
Have a busy mind (then share the link)
Have ever felt lonely (then share the link)
Have received help from friends (then share the link)
Have needed people in your life (then share the link)
Have wished you should have… (then share the link)

I think you might be getting the idea. I am human just like you and I undestand what it is like to need help and I know how to ask for it.

So today, share on all of your social media platforms, SHARE THIS LINK

Two ssons TOO many ~ Movie

a see, it is by finding my own strength and by learning about myself that I can realise how important you are.
These are some of the benefits or knowing that YOU are the most important person in YOUR life.

Thank you for your time today in reading and sharing my project.
When in need, reach out😊

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