The ACE up my sleeve ~ U have 1 too😊

When ya gonna play that ACE up your sleeve?

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The ACE up my sleeve ~ U have 1 too
Let’s introduce the ace up my sleeve. What could this be?
In our day to day lives, are we winning? Is the game of life fun and are you enjoying your time on earth to your full potential? Real questions we can ask ourselves and be honest with ourselves in our answers.

We know that the earth is moving all of the tine and we are aware that time continues to tick by, so how come we take such decisions and choices of staying stuck? It is no big secret that to become down in the dumps or to become a little out of sorts can happen to any of us ay any time in our journey through life, the real nitty gritty is to remain in a downward spiral or a position of unhappy is a choice. “Anyone can get down ~ staying there is a choice”.
So how do we get back up? What is the decision that is needed to remove oneself from unhappy to happy? We get to use the ACE, the ACE up our sleeves. Perhaps you were never too sure that you had one. We all do.

How did I bring myself from a deep dark place in life of grief and dismay to fun loving again? How did I drag myself up from difficult times? What difficult times?

As a man and as a father, I had the misfortune of burying my children. My 1st son at 15 years of age did not wake up for school one morning, no warning signs, no illness, he simply died in his sleep peacefully. It was a very difficult time to view him inside of a coffin and one of the hardest things to ever do to date was to lower him into his final resting place, his grave. Within 2 and half years amidst my grief I became a father again. My 2nd son at 1 year and 4 months died in a drowning accident one morning.
Devastated, crippled in pain and drowning myself in grief, I again found myself graveside burying my second son. 2 incidents outside of my control, 2 separate tragedies. The common denominator? Me! Who out there was going to take these pains away? I, for a real period of time believed I would never smile again.
Then I learned that I had an ACE to play in this game of life. As the earth keeps on moving and time keeps on ticking by. I repeat this on purpose to highlight that your time is now. So what is this ACE and how can you use it?

A ~ Adapt
C ~ Change
E ~ Evolve

ADAPT to the situation we find ourselves in. Take ownership of our feelings and the reaponsibility we have to ourselves, a responsibility of how we owe it to ourselves to be in the moment and accept where we are. Look to the highlights and the good points in our life. We are, alive, we have breath to breathe and we have a mind to think. We have emotions to feel. I welcome my emotions be they good, bad or different. Adapt to where you are right now in all of your being.

CHANGE, change how we view our situation. Change how we act upon how we feel in our situation, change how we view our own resolve or remedy to any situation we find ourselves in. Change is not always easy for many of us, acceptance is no bed of roses either. To change our own attitude and perspective can take a little work on self, I can assure you the work on self is worth more than anything money can ever buy for you. Having explained a little of my story above, why is it do you think that I write this post today? Because I have changed myself from a deep dark place to a bright shinning light of hope and inspiration to those of you who find yourself stuck. My story and the lives of my children have great meaning within, great inspirational value of how me, one man can change and turn tragic and traumatic experiences into value, to find positive inside of the negative. These changes are possible once you are willing to play your ACE all the way.

EVOLVE, the world is continuing on it’s path and why so do you wish to opt out and remain stuck? Evolution is happening each and everyday, do you wish to opt out or be part of it? My choice has been to evolve too. Our story of yesterday of how we may have found ourselves down and felt destroyed as humans is part of yesterday, today we have opportunity to evolve from our story. We have the power to make this choice and move forward from our downward place. The same thoughts that can keep us stuck and keep us down can be flipped on their head and become positive and we can begin to view the good in our situation. Small wins, small successes, small achievements are all to be recognised and accepted as proof that we can evolve too from where we were yesterday.

Play the ACE up your sleeve to begin to bring about nice things in your life. Adapt, change & evolve.

For more simple tools and tips to begin an upward curve in your life today you can find my self help book Layman’s Handbook in life ~ simple tools to change how we live, on Amazon. Look up or google Aidan Mc Nally. You will find me, my story and my books.

Remember, The year of 22 is the year for ME & YOU


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