17 & Life



17 & Life, Memoir. A very trying time in a young man’s life, to reach 17 and be almost a fully legal adult which occurs at 18 in Ireland but still only seventeen.

There are crossroads we must all cross in life and some are very tough as the decisions we make can shape the entire rest of our lives. Is 17 too young to have this burden? Can we reflect and see what exactly brought us to where we are staring directly at an intersection in life that is so vital and can we know it at only 17?

The food for thought and my own personal reflections may bring up some questions of your own. This will bring you to some deeper thoughts where my own story can play catalyst to your own motivation to bring about change into your life.

Change can be hard and usually or as I have found, making the initial decision to change can be the hardest part. How is it I have found myself feeling without choice and without tools to make the proper choice, or seriously is there even such a thing as the “right choice”?

From my prison cell I must decide, who or how have I ended up here?

“provoking, inspirational, motivating read”

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