My GRIEF, The last 3 years, blog


My grief, the last 3 years

I have compiled some poems and some blog posts that I have made over the past few years. Like staring into the mirror on a very groggy hung over morning.


What is our grief and what is it doing to us? Perhaps it is only what we allow.

The compilation is as it happened for me and it is dated to give you an idea or some possible ideas that maybe you too can turn your grief around or on its head.

This ebook is a simple reflection and none of the content has been fine tuned or content edited as this is exactly how it has happened for me.


I do hope you can be inspired from what ever loss you may be feeling and like me can find a project to work hard on.

I appreciate any review you may leave me either on Goodreads or on Amazon.

Your readership is appreciated and my condolences for any loss you have endured.

Thank you