Info 😊

The kickstarter campaign has launched and is live. I will provide a link at the bottom of this article.

What is kickstarter crowd funding and how does it work?

The beauty of it is this,

1. Pledges or backers are backing the project to get to the target goal amount.

2. When the target goal is reached then the funds are applied. Until the target is reached there is no funding.

3. In short, when the target is reached then the project can go ahead and your backing then becomes real and the funds transferred. So you only get to fund after the goal is met. Which means you get to be part of a successfully funded campaign.

The target is 1.6 million euro. 60 days to achieve this. So get backing and telling your friends all about it. The best way is to share this article or any of the facebook or instagram posts and retweet the tweets too.

There are tiered rewards for different backing levels. Take advatange and back with what you can afford to spend, sponsor a friend for a walk on role in the film😊 get premiere tickets, merchandise and full access to behind the scenes and the full making of the movie. Many tiered rewards are available for you backing funds.

Why back this movie making project? The simple and short answer is, because I am asking you to 😊🙏😊😁

The deeper meaning is that this movie is a TRUE LIFE STORY, a story to breathe hope into people’s minds, a message of ‘never give up”, to inspire the weakened hearts of our world. An opportunity for you and me to be part of bringing motivation to those who feel left alone or who find the world today difficult. Resilience through life, digging even deeper than ever before to overcome and adapt to living in the world while tested by drowning in grief. Tested by substance abuse and addictions. Tested by the requirement to BE OKAY when all was clearly not okay.

Let us show the world that rising up and reinventing SELF is not only possible, that it is entirely it’s own reward too. Let us encourage and inspire our fellow humans to keep going!


TWO sons TOO many ~ Movie TRUE LIFE STORY.