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A day in the life of a fisherman.

Delighted to have guest post published.

HAPPY IS NOT FOR SALE – Did you know that?

Happy is not for sale, did you know that?

Life after death exists – Happy St. Patrick’s weekend

May not be for everybody, but for some of us it has become everything.Happy Patrick’s weekend folks. A little post of what is going on in my head today.I am always writing stuff and promoting my blog posts, which are my random thoughts on various things that can occur for me on any given day

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Oh boy oh boy, oh girl!

It can be hard to know right now. A willingness to keep going will reveal more.

WOW 20 ~ 23

WOW 20 ~23It is indeed one of the cool number years. LeBron / Michael and even the 23 flavours of good old Dr. Pepper. 23, twentythree if you like, for grammar purposes and all that. I personally have chosen to not apply grammar all of the time as I have often felt that in our

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Investing in yourself is the best money you will ever spend. 99 cents to take you on a journey. A journey to SELF

Let’s talk about LOSS – Holiday Season

Holiday season can make feelings “seem” more intense. It is only holidays though.

Do you? R Don’t you?

Do we or do we not?