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WOW 20 ~ 23

WOW 20 ~23It is indeed one of the cool number years. LeBron / Michael and even the 23 flavours of good old Dr. Pepper. 23, twentythree if you like, for grammar purposes and all that. I personally have chosen to not apply grammar all of the time as I have often felt that in our

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Investing in yourself is the best money you will ever spend. 99 cents to take you on a journey. A journey to SELF

Let’s talk about LOSS – Holiday Season

Holiday season can make feelings “seem” more intense. It is only holidays though.

Do you? R Don’t you?

Do we or do we not?

Book marketing and – Your $$$$$

Book marketing and – Your $$$$$ A post I should have written some time ago upon learning of these vital steps to watch out for. As authors will flood to market their new books and titles and works of art for the holiday season, there are few pointers worth taking into consideration. Of course social

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Your Mental HEALTH – Mine or theirs?

What and where do you find yourself in the discussion of mental health? Share it for me , would ya?

TORN – like a piece of paper?

How do we? when can we? should we?