TWO sons TOO many

TWO sons TOO many, my debut writing masterpiece 😊
The story is my account of how it all has happened to me, like you might find my story very hard to believe and the only way I can write this to you with comfort is I am totally aware of how hard a story it is to believe.
Following my life through my younger days and some of my innocence makes me laugh as I reflect back on it. I am sure you will find that my upbringing was fun and my own ways to deal with situations and wind up in more bother is like I have a natural talent for it. Moving swiftly along of course as how much does one leave out and how much does one keep in? Oh how these questions were a mighty struggle.
The facts can be stunning but not with the beauty of which we refer to stunning so often, literally stun you. Using drugs and alcohol at a young age may shed some light for you of how they can be overcome but more importantly the trouble it can all cause inside a young man’s life. Legal issues and prison to name but a couple. The highlight though is full recovery.
Becoming a young father and having a beautiful son is a feeling that changes us like I could not have ever believed and yes it happened and changing from man to father is definitely another beautiful piece of my story.
Following my travels around the world will bring you to some better times and you would have wished to be right by my side along much of it as the entertainment I provided to even myself has been, well let’s just say awesome.
Things do turn dark and it is finding the will to live and the way in which to keep going that brings you to the unbelievable. How can it all happen like this and what is there to live for?
A foundation laid early in my teenage years of how to cope and how to recover will have you pulling for me every step of the way.
My hopes are that many will find comfort and strength from my story. Inspiring you, the reader to really get out there and tackle life on life’s terms and never consider that you have it bad or it is all too tough.
There are some links to reviews both on Goodreads and Amazon that can help you get an understanding. Sometimes I think a warning label could have been a smart marketing tool, something along the lines of “can’t put it down”, “when is the movie coming out”, or ” great inspirational story”  are some that have been suggested to me from previous readers. For me I suppose to sum them all up would be to say
“Gripping, provoking, emotional roller coaster you just never imagined” .
Should you enjoy the read, be sure and leave a review at either amazon or Goodreads and I do with all my heart appreciate your readership.