Aidan Mc Nally, Award winning author, of TWO sons TOO many, 17 & Life, Layman’s Handbook
On his journey of life & writing, Aidan helps people just like you, pause, think & realign life just by getting to know him and his perspective.

Aidan has lived and worked his way to far away lands but hails from Loughshinny, Dublin, Ireland.
A small village man with the appetite for life larger than the world itself.
No matter the curve ball life wants to throw at you, Aidan has found an inspiring way to continue batting.
You can find Aidan around the web @TWOsonsTOOmany in all the usually soc. media sites.
Enjoy Aidan’s most recent award winning work, Layman’s Handbook, in life.

A journey to SELF. 

He doesn’t bite either so feel free to say “Hi”

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