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September 20, 2019
Layman’s Handbook, A journey to SELF. Release date
A new book is born. Layman’s Handbook by Aidan Mc Nally, that’s me of course.
Writing a book is a challenge and is a great feeling when bringing the pages all together. Frustrating at times, because the writing slacks off at times and at other times it has been all written only to find it is not what you wanted exactly and so, delete.
Any person writing now will perhaps have some similar stories of frustration. All in all though, quite an enjoyable experience.
So what is it all about. The book is about nothing lol. Well nothing really in any particular sort of way.

Layman’s Handbook has come about because for my life and lifetime, I have experienced some wierd and whacky shit. Some fabulous times too, please don’t get me wrong.
There are many items I have found out or discovered along my own twisting and turning path in life. Yup the big word of LIFE. What use are these insights? Isn’t it only fair that I share with you what I have discovered to be a path to self, a type of way in which to reach out and assist any who may find themselves in similar struggles or to use the word “suffer” even.
#LaymansHandbook is a look at some scenarios of how we may deal with, our own life, a view of gaining clarity in our thoughts and an emotional well-being. Through meditation I have found great moments of clarity, due to this fact, I really want to encourage all to try a little as the difficulties in life are not just reserved for a special few, nor did I ever believe something such as loving myself could be a path to a very content and dare I say it happy life.

I first thought to have the words “self help” on the cover and then later decided to remove the word help as it may seem a little intimidating. The title is layman’s as this is what I am. Though my experiences in the arena of life are quite vast, I have no official document that says I am anything qualified. Am I an expert in the field of that which I speak on. Yes for sure.
My very own existence proves this to be so.
Also the word “Handbook” in the title. Why use handbook? Well guide or guidebook seemed a little like perhaps something a tourist may wish to read. I had thought of “almanac” might be good, though I believe that is an owned title.
I found myself saying in several conversations, “I never had no book for this shit when I was in school” or “nobody ever thought me this stuff”
I guess that life and the “college of knowledge” really is out there living and experiencing. Hence the title and its sub title. Layman’s Handbook, a journey to SELF.

Release day will be October 10th 2019.

Available in kindle ebook and paperback. Here is a link to find more of my writing “stuff” and links to my books. Also a link to the kindle pre order for Layman’s Handbook.
My flagship title and all my online handles @TWOsonsTOOmany @2sons2many
Feel free to follow and support with a share or a Retweet. Thank you and have a wonderful Autumn to you all.
After all, Self-help is to help SELF.IMG_20190903_165732

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