Stretched like a spring.

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New release book 10/10/19
Layman’s Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live, (a journey to SELF).
That is basically the title, the subtitle and the real deal.
This is self help in the simplest way I know how.
To write a book that is aimed at helping others, what an undertaking 😊. Of course I can only explain a little here and there as to how I have come to write such a book.
I have been stretched like an elastic band or perhaps better yet like a spring. A spring has its normal position where it will stretch and spring back, the elastic band will do the same, what if you over stretch them? They go out of shape and stay over stretched. This is how I live my life now, overstretched emotionally. The horrid situations that floored me in life have brought about this over stretching.

The good thing is that when stretched to the limits or beyond and then some, there are also nice experiences in life too. Nice things to enjoy and be in awe of. When we have been stretched so far in our emotional being, we begin to see much of the beauty of life also from that wider or more expansive view too.
The horror stories are many and I can fill your day up with a ton of stuff you will find very hard to believe. I have found myself often saying, ” I was the guy going through it and I find it hard to believe”.
More importantly though are the experiences I have had that are nice. The beauty of life and how we can live as we chose to. These are the better stories to focus on.
Layman’s Handbook is #ComingSoon and will be live online, available in paperback & ebook on
I do hope many of you will get involved that day and share some posts around the Internet and help kick start a little buzz in the Internet world for the day it goes live. There will be a couple of free prizes for sharing that day.
Promo posts will be on twitter and Facebook, handle there is @TWOsonsTOOmany

Check out some posts and get involved for a day where “Layman’s Handbook” is brought into the world and goes public. No point me keeping all these nice things as secrets when so many more people could benefit and begin to enrich their own lives.

Looking forward to the day. Share this post with your friends. Save the date for the online launch. #selfhelp is really all about helping Self.
Layman’s Handbook live on Amazon 10/10/2019

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