Socks and their importance

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I titled this piece about socks. Yup socks. Smelly ones and all.
I had no intention of actually jotting down all my thoughts about socks though. Some of them are this, questions mostly.
Do is bother you if you wear two different socks? Like, you have your fav sock and cannot find the other one. Is it then okay to wear one that is very similar just not the identical match?
Some people, I reckon, will not wear socks that do not match. Why in earth is that?

Enough about socks though. I wanted to remind you all that my new book is live and available. The book title is Layman’s Handbook.
Sub titled. A journey to SELF.
The self stands for Succeed Elevate Live Free.
Succeed in everything you do. Going beyond even your own beliefs of your own potential. (imagine that for just a second)
Elevate your life to your next level. Some will say “raise your game” . I say go to your next level always. When you think you are there, remember that there is always another level.
Live your life as it has been intended to be. Magical, Wonderful & even possibly superb. Society seduces us to believe in mundain and boring and miserable. Your life is precious and is to be lived.
Free yourself from any torture chambers you have been dwelling in for years. Emotional prison is a “no fun” place to be. Though topping that could be a mental prison where we lock ourselves away. Break free and enjoy how you feel and what you think. You are you, you are perfect, you are unique.

The book is available on Amazon sites in ebook and paperback.
I have been to hell and back and am happy to report on the journey by sharing some of the tools I have learned to use in my own daily living. These are what has helped me gain my appreciation and love for life.

I would appreciate if you can share this post to bring awareness to the #news of my new book which has been released this October 2019.
Layman’s Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live.
I ask not for the sharing to be all for me. Share this post so that others who may not discuss the hardships they face in life. Though with your sharing, the post may reach them and let them know there is a way forward always.
The book was released 10/10/19 World mental health awareness day. (fancy that 😊)
I am now wondering how many people with unmatching socks you will try and notice from this point forward insert another smiley face here ha ha.

Link to ebook on Amazon. Com also available on dot CO. UK and all amazon sites.

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