Struggle & strife, oh what a #life ?

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Struggle & strife, oh what a #life 😊
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wonderful Christmas this year?
Right before we head into two thousand and twenty. The year of the new promises is almost upon us. Two zero, 2 zero. What will we swear to ourselves this year?
What about all the things we have no power over? Yes, those, the situations that we can do nothing about?

Each year since quite a while back I like to have a slogan for the year ahead. Use it if you like, use it everyday😊

TWO thousand & twenty, the year O’ plenty!

So what about all the struggle and strife that has been haunting us for so long, all year? What can we do to remove these horrible feelings and begin to see “the light”?
Is it possible that if we change our mind, we can change our attitude and all will become easier?
Can we leave behind the ways we have been trying and do something new? We may even find that a new approach can result in NEW RESULTS.
How about this for a concept for the times ahead?

We can even adopt such a strategy into our personal lives now. Right now, today. New approach = new results. Sometimes it will be the same struggle, the same strife. The difference being how we go about it. Removing the word struggle even and seeing things differently. Is it possible that we can have this much power over ourselves?

I am a firm believer in YES! These things are all possible.
I am a living person who is proof that it is all possible.
I share with you some ideas to help bring about change to our own minds.

Life is so worth living and to top it all off, totally worth adopting some new stragies from time to time.

I bring to you,
Layman’s Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live. A journey to SELF.
🇮🇪🇬🇧 Link

🇺🇸🇨🇦 Link

Happy reading, welcome to the journey. The new book that makes you the main character 😊

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