Author News. The year in review., 2019

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Author News. The year in review. 2019 bye bye
What can happen in year? Not much may be your answer. Some of us can see a whole entire year as a massive amount of time, for others it is something that passes by too quickly altogher.
I didn’t graduate any college courses or break any world records this past year, so rest assured no shocking news or issues to let you in on.

What I did do though were a few remarkable things in my own little world. Perhaps you can relate or see something similar for yourself, who really knows? Right?

I promised myself I would release a new book this past year and I am quite delighted to deliver to you news of how I did achieve what I set out in my year to do in regards to writing. I went from author of 1 book entering into the year to having now to my name as an author the beautiful chest pumping news to boast of how I released 3 new books in 2019. I now have 4 in total behind me as an author. Can I get a “hell yeah”. It definitely has been that kind of year.

I use a word press platform to showcase some of my work and even this blog post here will be posted on my website.
This has been something I have been toying around with for the year and again is directly associated to my writing. Some short stories there as they happened through out of 2019. Laughs and giggles along with links to all of my books and links to purchase too.
Great achievements for me as a writer. 2019 has been a year of work and putting in the time needed to deliver on my promise to myself.

What promise can I make to myself for 2020
Watch this space, hahahahaha.

In the beginning of 2019 I had a chat with a friend of mine about setting goals and helping keep my mind focused for the year ahead. I let him know some of what I had in mind, his response was “they are some very big goals to have and perhaps I should set my sights a little lower as I should not have a need to set myself up with difficult goals to achieve”.
Well I did it and am feeling very proud of myself as the year is drawing to a close. So proud actually that I might as well shoot for the stars in another galaxy this year coming as we are unstoppable now ha ha he he.

My second memoir came out in February 2019
Title 17 & Life.
It is a look back at some of my younger years and the coming of age stuff that occurred for me in those times.
The subtitle is, “a major cross roads or just a simple intersection”.
The question being, when can these life changing decisions come about for us and are all of decisions keys to our path in life?

I soon after that released my blog posts. A compilation of my blog posts and poems as they occurred for me in chronological order.
The ebook title is
My Grief, the last 3 years. Blog.
I wanted to share with everyone what a 3 year journey inside of my Grief looked like. Not only to share how I was feeling or what thoughts came up for me. More to the point of looking at how a project like writing can be a tool to help when on a journey of grief. I guess to encourage others to perhaps even write down what is going on for them even if it never makes sense to them at the time.

The real project that I was working on all year though and probably my proudest moment of the year was to release my self help book.
Layman’s Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live.
A journey to SELF.
The “self” standing for, Succeed Elevate Live Free.
Ya see it has been not only my own grieving that has brought me to many questions in life along with many changes. The fact I turned away from drugs at a young age and lived a life of being clean. Recovery programs and a sober living life. Free from drugs of any kind. This drug free life is something that has thought me how to enjoy the simple things.
When you couple this with living a life free from alcohol and a knowledge of all the 12 step programs. Well these can be where I have drawn up to find some of the tools I have learned and was absolutely bursting at the seems to share with the world.
It has been the building blocks along the journey of my own life that have brought about great change inside of myself. The ever changing nature in which I have lived and the feelings of having to reinvent myself on a number of different occasions.
Grief and losing my loved one’s, really has made losing alcohol and drugs from my life a much much smaller issue. Though a very real time and issue back in the day of my personal journey. Perhaps I could have ended it all at one point or another.
I have found that sharing my pains and my torment have encouraged others to do the same.
I have found that sharing my feelings and life experiences have inspired some others to gain a simpler view on their own lives and when I figured out that I might even have something to offer others which in turn can help them with their own struggles.
Well yes, the book had to be written.
Layman’s Handbook by Aidan-McNally is out there in the world for all to enjoy.
A self help book from a layman just like me.

What on earth could be on the cards for 2020?
I have a few goals of mine I must get a little more serious with and not too serious to where I do not enjoy the fulfilling of them. I encourage you to write a few out for yourself and see how your year can be.
If there is to be one thing I am certain of is that,”if we set our mind to it, we can achieve it”.

Have a wonderful year, to you all.
Thank you for your readership and support throughout the year that has been.
I look forward to you sharing my posts and my blog and my books with all of your friends. This makes my heart beat, thank you.

Good luck and see you all soon.
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