2020, the year of plenty

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New Year. 2020, the year ‘O’ plenty
Though it is not actually the best practice, well in the habit of living in the now. This period of Christmas and new years does throw things into a bit of a wobbler.
The year in review was my last post and it was exactly that, a look back over my own achievements in my writing year. Took me by surprise to actually tell myself “wow”. The mal practice of it all obviously is the looking back. How can we ever move forward if we take time looking back. Of course it is not detrimental to take a peek back every now and again and it can be considered quite healthy to review the year and pat yourself on the back for all of our achievements, no matter how large scale or small scale they may be. The important piece is to look back and acknowledge to yourself where you have come from for the year and what you have learned and achieved. So well done you.

The second part of not living in the now and some of the mal practice around this time of year is all the looking forward we will now do for the year ahead.
Plans to be made, promises to ourselves and to others.
Resolutions they used to always call them. Again as with the living in the now, neither too far forward nor too far back should we dwell on, at all.
However a little bit of enthusiasm and some motivational guidelines are okay to set for our year ahead, right?

Will you promise yourself the sun, moon & stars and then get depressed next Christmas if you have not achieved all you have set out to do?
I encourage you to take a healthy look at your year ahead.
Plan out some achievable goals for 2020.
I like the phrase, Twenty Twenty, the year of plenty.
Adapt this into all that you set for yourself. Use it to bring yourself to an abundant year. Bring all of your projects and dreams together and gain wisdom, knowledge & advance your life along to where you can be the wonderful you that you are.
Simple, healthy & achievable.

I offer the words of the “year of plenty” to remind you that there is enough to go around for us all. Believe it or believe it not, we do not need the whole cake, a few crumbs can quite often be enough to be very well taken care of..

I will set out my year with some projects in mind and with all hope and determination I will achieve them.
I hope you reading this right now can do the same.

Here she comes 2020
Get ready 😊

The real truth of the here and now is that it will not miraculously change for the better of for the worse. The work you will put in to yourself this year will pay the dividends that you allow yourself to reap.
Enjoy it, smile as often as possible & don’t get too greedy. It is the year of plenty. This says, all by itself that there will be enough to go around.

Happy New year to you all.
Buy my books, read em and review em for me. Thanks a bunch.
Here is a link to where my books can be found.
Plenty to read and like (insert smiley face).

It is you who reads that makes my own journey of writing a much more enjoyable journey as without your feedback I would be out here operating in the dark.
I thank you all thus far, keep an eye out for my upcoming projects this year 😊

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