New year’s day. We made it. 2020

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New year’s day. We made it
January 1st 2020. Here we are. You and me.
We made it all the way through, there were times 19 may have seemed real hard, difficult even. Yet here we are on new years day.
Are there lessons for us to take from our last year? Of course.
The fact we never let the year beat us up or beat us down. We made it to here. This is the best lesson.

A funny look at today, being the first of the month, the year, the decade.
Every day of your life that you wake up is the first of your life. A day to begin again. We are allowed to readjust and begin again all of the time.
Today on new years day this concept may actually make sense to you.
It is a widespread understood concept today on new year’s day.

In my new book Layman’s Handbook, this is a concept that is running throughout. The concept being that any day, everyday can be the day you take a little moment to reflect and begin again.

This feeling you may have today on new year’s day is something I hope you can carry with you throughout each day of this new year.
New beginnings are available to all of us all of the time. All we have to do is be ready for them. Be ready how?
Be aware that the concept is real and not only saved for new year’s day.
Everyday this new year carry with you this great new year’s day feeling.
The “I can begin again” feeling.
Treat your march 21st, your April 5th, your August 19th, your October 1st all the same as today.

January 1st 2020 is a special day for sure. I am sharing with you to encourage you to remember today, everyday of this new year.

These are little things that can help you become aligned and achieve great results in your life.
For more little tricks and tools, get reading layman’s Handbook, in life.
It is on the front cover
“simple tools to change how we live”

Here is a link to the dot com and the dot co dot UK sites.
Download and get busy making your life the wonderful life it has always been intended to be.

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