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Random thoughts, is the title on my blog. Though I have umpteen random thoughts everyday, sometimes I must share an advertisement or two for my writing material. The books I have produced to date.
Is there something for everyone in my writing? Maybe yes, maybe no. Of course it takes you to choose one of my books and see if it fits for you.
I like, rather, I enjoy writing about my thoughts and feelings and what one situation or another may have been like for me. I get further enjoyment when a reader of my work tells me something like “I can’t believe you went through the exact same feelings as me”. This kind of feedback enhances the enjoyment from my writing for me, as it solidifies to me or for me that, we are all human and experience much the same stuff throughout our lives. Not always at the same time, of course not. Though we do have similar feelings to each other at many different intervals on our “life journey”.

I have documented my own life story and released it in some books to help anyone who wishes to read my books, well to put it simply, help you find some “normal” in what you may have ever felt yourself.
My life has had some quite unique twists and turns and to say that you or any reader for that matter may have the exact same story would be strange to say the least. Where we may actually experience the same feelings about different situations though.
Not everyone has been incarcerated, this is obvious.
In my book 17 & Life, I bring about some questions for the reader as to a “major” life decision needing to be made on my part. I know it did not take going to prison for everyone. This just happened to be a time in my life where such a decision occurred for me. The similarity that I noticed was that many of us do indeed reach such life changing crossroads through several different situations in each of our lives.
In 17 & Life, I wonder, through my own childhood and into teenage years, some of the stuff may have occurred for you much later in life. We all face similar events that can bring about our own reflections over what our choices thus far have caused or brought about.
Paperback and ebook for 17&Life memoir by Aidan Mc Nally available on all amazon sites.

I first broke into writing by releasing my life story memoir. This has become my flagship book as I now use the title for all my social media accounts and the likes.
The title, TWO sons TOO many, memoir by Aidan Mc Nally.
I wrote the book in an effort to remove very deep feelings from inside of myself and put them into an object/thing outside of myself. I was very unwilling to allow feelings of my own consume me beyond existence.
I learned quite quickly through feedback that in expressing some of my worst nightmares, that many others also had similar fears and worries in life. Of course it was I who has had to endure such tragedies etc. Most others find it hard to relate precisely, however it has become very clear to me that, many of us do experience similar feelings and that the catalyst or trigger may be something completely different.
Feedback has been very comforting and inspiring to me in my writing career. Example “inspirational story”, ” brought a great appreciation to my life”. These kind of things have been very rewarding for me to hear as reactions to my book TWO sons TOO many.
As this is an advertising blog piece for my books, I encourage you to find TWO sons TOO many and have a read. Again it is available in paperback and ebook on all amazon sites.

The next project I tackled was to take a chronological view of my own blog pieces, coupled with some poems I have written and the next book was born. A look at my timeline of grief over a 3 year period. I guess you could call it, reflection on how I was handling the whole thing.
Why compile my poems and blogs into an ebook?
To bring about an offer of help to anyone who finds it hard to deal with grief. To bring a clearer view to my own journey and I was able to see spaces between my posts and different dates where a poem reflects how I was feeling.
I am aware that we cannot talk about our grief every second of everyday and that it is a difficult thing to have to cope with. So I released this ebook as an offer of help to others and to myself, highlighting that a project such as my own writing has proven therapeutic for myself and hope to offer hope to others too.
My grief the last 3 years, is available in ebook only on all amazon sites.

The latest release, this has been a project of mine that has been a culmination of my own life, my own journey and a lot of what it is that keeps me going everyday.
Again to mention that it is not always the same situations precisely that brings about changes or feelings inside of us all. Sometimes it is the end result of how we feel and what can we do about how we feel that brings about our similarities.
I recently released my thoughts and tools for helping to cope within life.
Layman’s Handbook, in life.
Simple tools to change how we live.
A journey to SELF.
Now there is a title and a half.
Subtitled a journey to self. The letters of self standing for Succeed, Elevate, Live, Free.
Succeed in everything you attempt in your day to day living. Realistically, we may believe success is measured in big lavish things in our career or our lives. Success, can be achieved by beginning our day and getting out of bed.

Elevate, elevating our lives to a level where we thought maybe we could not reach. Something we hear in many different versions. One in particular I like, “raise your game”. We can achieve new levels all of the time.

Live, to live sounds oh so easy. I like to pause and offer a smidgen of help to any who find day to day living difficult. I am aware that many simple tasks or chores in life can be difficult for anyone at any time. Using tools to help ourselves live is the simplest form of non complicated living I have found to date.

Free, free ourselves from torment or torture that we may put ourselves through. Free our mind to become open and understanding. This is a great tool that can again make life a very non complicated place to be. Dare I say it, enjoyable even.

The Layman’s Handbook is for everybody. It is a self help guide book to consider some alternatives to handling or dealing with life, no matter what stage or level we find ourselves at.
Layman’s Handbook, is available in ebook and paperback on all amazon websites.

So there ya have it. A snippet of an advertising blog piece to bring some little awareness to my books and my writing efforts.
I do hope you will feel free to, like, comment & share the piece around and perhaps someone you know could benefit greatly from taking a read of one of my books.

I always say, the only way they can find out about my writing is by shares from people just like you. I believe firmly that if we can all bring about an idea or incling of an idea that all of what we go through has a huge piece of normal about it. It is then that people may begin speaking more freely and open up about whatever it is that ails them.
A normalisation to the feelings we all can experience and when we find ourselves there, we begin to feel lost. Some lose hope and many of us lose sight or clarity on what is life all about.

Through my writing I continue to encourage each and every reader to keep going and a slogan for some years now
“never give up”

My website link is below where you can find poems, short stories and links to my books along with my blog posts.

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