Conspiracy theories

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Conspiracy theory & covid-19

With all the time to think and as I have found over several years, asking people to think for themselves is quite a stretch.
If even the imagination.


With lock down status hitting many countries and a massive push to encourage people to self isolate, one would imagine there is a lot of time for people to think and reflect.
Some of the theories knocking around are possibly due to this exact reason. Unable to stop the minds from going off on tangents of thought. It will take more than a social distancing or “lock down” to quieten the minds.

5g roll out map has been identified as matching the corona virus spread through out the world. There have been videos and posts showing that the map of each item, item A being the 5g roll out map globally and item B being the map of the spread of corona virus globally. Yes they are shockingly similar maps.
Does this then make the case that it is a 5g antenna radiation thing more so than a pandemic of a virus?
To put this one to rest, a simple concept:
The developed world are the regions shown in both maps.
It stands to reason that the market place for 5g and all areas it has been introduced are the exact regions of target for its service that then explains the movement of people and the larger populations and the same market places that have the need for 5g being the most probable to have mass movement and traffic (spread of virus) of people globally, hence the maps for 5g and corona virus spread are very similar.

The introduction of people not touching and social distancing has brought about an increase of online shopping and using contact less payment options.
The reduction in the use of actual cash.
The move has been coming to remove cash from society for a long time. There is a wish from somewhere high above that cash transactions be reduced globally and this has been going on for years.
The infrastructure for contact less payments and all electronic type online shopping has been available for years. Now with the corona virus many of these are being used exclusively.
Is it an illuminati effort to remove the cash from the general public? Create a soft dollars situation and  a monitoring of every individual on the planet?
Feeding into the concept that the world is over populated and the control of money should be ran by 10% of the population?
Italy has become a serious victim of this corona virus and what is in Italy? The Vatican and the original world Bank, if you like. More illuminati type conspiracy there.

China on the other hand have been making great waves in becoming a world power and have done some brilliant work to their credit over the past 10 to 20 years. Stockpiling raw materials and really being the factory floor of the world. Through recent years China has taken up great positions in US markets and has been somewhat amazing in their own use of their money.
Makes a lot of conspiracy type sense to see why the Chinese would be hit extremely hard and severe economic breakdown in their own country and devaluing their hand in such world dominance type markets.

Iran is a country that is again another massive victim of the covid-19 outbreak. A country that has remained sovereign throughout their history and one that I know very little about. To be honest, the only time I ever hear of Iran is to do with how they stand up to the world and say in not such a nice way, to the world “feck off” especially when it comes to nuclear power or weapons.
Then again on the heat map of the world and the spread of corona virus, a striking fact were that Italy, China & Iran were all the major areas hit hardest and the larger vistims of the virus.

United Kingdom,
As an Irish person I have a historical sense of ire towards them. Although no one single British person ever harmed me directly. The occupation of my own country by the British is the historic reason that really has been something learned by myself.
Brexit just happened though, not finalised and a border issue has been a sticking point to the entire Brexit process. That border being between Northern and Southern Ireland.
What has happened during this virus spread situation? No closure of the border. On one little island in the world, the Republic of Ireland (Southern Ireland) and their government are making attempts to curtail the rapid spread of the virus while the Northern part of the island is governed by British rule and is seeing a completely different set of rules and recommendations as they are to follow the British government’s say so.
Highlighting of the need for a One country Ireland or a closed border. Either A or B. Dual governments on the tiny island makes no sense and they are so far on the opposite ends of the spectrum from each other.

What is it that makes sense for the British to be operating as normal during this pandemic and why are they so slow to close things down?
Brexit has left them in very uncertain economic waters and they already are nursing a ton of self doubt over how will they survive and support their people through the Brexit situation. Their coffers may become over strained. Corona virus pandemic is seeing countries come to a complete stop and Britain may be about to have their first real test of their systems before they become fully independent of Europe.
So where is the conspiracy in all this?
Britain and their Brexit strategy would mean they for the first time in many years would not have to bow down to a European parliament nor will they have to fully respect the UN sanctions should they wish to return in full force to their age old ally of the US in any war time situation.
Britain is already facing economic pressures from the Brexit fiasco and the only way in history thus far to stimulate and economy has been by way of war.

What are the reports from Russia? The iron curtain may be back in play before too long based upon this virus outbreak.

Is this a man made virus that is designed to kill of the weak and wipe out one or other country that has gotten just a little out of hand?
Like a kid who sets fire to some dry grass and then within two weeks the entire forest and homes are ablaze?

Who really knows?
Quite strikingly though, children appear to be safe for the most part. The sick and the elderly are most at risk. Could the corona virus be a human cull?

Perhaps the climate change organisation went a little too far in their efforts to revolt. A little effort to cause scare ad panic and clean up pollution in China has become an international disaster in human welfare and an economic nightmare the world over.

Who really knows hey?
Like what did Tom hanks ever do to contract this virus, only entertain us?
Oh yeah he played the part of a guy who investigated the illuminati, yikes….
Iran, Italy and China though?
Iran and China allies should a move come in war. And Italy holds all the secrets and massive wealth.

Scary to think what may ever become. Dumb down all the people with Internet home schooling and remove cash from society. All the while culling the sick and the elderly.

Oh jesus!

Enjoy your social distancing and self isolation. Try and relax your minds though.
You will sleep better.
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