Corona Virus, my own day to day routine.

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Though difficult to express exactly what it can be when we think of exactly what the heck is going on in the world. It is safe to say that every one of us has been caught up in some form or other about the “daily numbers”, the “remedies” or even the “press conferences”.

What I have found is that my own daily routine by far supersedes the daily reports and what is being spread by the news channels. Be it media spin or just an onslaught of media reports of deaths and “new infections”.

How much of the numbers can one digest? To comprehend what it actually means to understand that people have been dying by the thousands. On the other hand the other numbers that are thrown around so easily, billions in stimulus packages. In some cases even trillions have been mentioned. Again to take a look at Ireland, there is a current stimulus package for people who have found themselves unemployed due to Covid-19. This payment is an unemployment payment to assist people through these times. The amount people are stressing their week in isolation or social distancing is 350 euro. This is in or around 380 US dollars. I have also heard of the other stimulus packages from other countries. The point being, how can the general public even begin to comprehend billions and trillions of economic impact when their minds are set at a 3 to 4 hundred dollar figure?

Are there any remedies? This can be another topic that can easily cloud the mind. What natural items exist on our planet that can eliminate this virus? Surely there is something we can do to protect ourselves. Gives us an immunity so to speak. My own mind has been searching and searching to think what organism exists other than synthetic drugs. What can there be in the forests or the oceans of the world to drive this virus into extinction? I pose the questions not as a way to offer more mysterious questions for you to consider, rather to give you something to occupy the mind in a way in which we can consider the brighter possibility of killing off this virus. I simply believe in focusing on the solution side of this mess. Of course there is also the possibility of how we can either allow our mind to wander off and become almost like claustrophobic or even “mind blown” by it all. It is very hard to understand all that is happening and to imagine what may become in the future? Post Corona virus?

I like to wake up in the morning and take a drink of lemons in a cup of hot water. I read it somewhere in the beginning of this pandemic situation. They were saying something about raising or lowering the alkaline levels in the mouth and throat to help ward off the virus. Does it work or is it true, like a medical fact? I have not gotten the virus to date (touch wood).
I then check on my blood sugar levels and take some breakfast. Not a big hearty meal, just a little snack.
Oh yeah I am a diabetic and have to monitor my blood sugar levels all of the time anyways. Probably another reason I have paid close attention to what was going on when this pandemic stuff was breaking news and new all around the world. I wanted to know what is it they are saying about the affects on diabetics?

Then for some exercise. I found that taking care of some gardening work was a good way to be outdoors and getting exercise both at the same time. Naturally I do of course understand, some of you reading this may not have a garden. I do not have children who are off of school due to pandemic closures “under my feet” all day and so my time to be spent in the garden may be clearly because I do not have to sit in and play games or entertain children. No home schooling here, I have thought over the past few weeks of the pandemic that it would be nice to be worrying about homeschooling or some form of developing my little children in some academic way. That is a story for another day though.

I then like to meditate during my day at some point in the day. I do not have a set time for this. I just know that in order to remain calm and enjoy my day to day living, it is an important part of filling my day. My meditation is not some extreme planned exercise. I like to focus on my breathing and spend ten to twenty minutes in my own mind. Well more like clearing my mind and getting to a place of blank. Completely blank. This definitely is an exercise that has helped me overcome some much larger obstacles than something like this pandemic of corona virus.
Meditation could be at 11 am or as late as 8 pm. The only important piece is that I include meditation in my daily routine. This can afford any of us a chance to remain grounded or focused during this time.

Dinner in the evening time and then, I have found myself scouring the TV channels for movies. I have found that catching up on some old TV series too has been a great way to distract the mind and just have some time of “brain drain” or possibly what could be called, nothingness. These are also important things to bring into our routine as it is a way in which to distract and somewhat disconnect from all that is happening around the world.

Maintaining social distancing and some mini self isolation due to being diabetic and in a higher risk category of people, I guess I find some gap fillers by making some marketing posts for my books. My previous writing work is available on the internet for all to read and criticize as they see fit. I have offered my most recent book “Layman’s Handbook” as a freebie on kindle back at the beginning of this pandemic and it now is available for free if you are a kindle unlimited member. I guess I wanted to offer my little piece for people who may be getting a little bored with all their time at home. Again I understand some of you out there have never been so busy as school time used to be perhaps even your own nap time.

I made a video post back at the beginning of this pandemic about social distancing and using some songs to demonstrate what we already know this is all about. Insomnia was one of the songs, I used, as I do know what is it like to not be getting enough exercise and have an overactive mind come night time. In order to keep that insomnia stuff away, it is important to gain some form of energy burning exercise each day. I offered my recent book Layman’s Handbook to help people take a beginners view to meditation and in the hopes to help others manage themselves through the “isolation”, “quarantine”, “cocooning” times.

I hope to see the curve begin to flatten as it has started slowly to subside in mainland Europe. This is highly encouraging for us here in Ireland and I do hope to see a slow down in the United States. Perhaps for us here in Ireland if we can follow along the same timelines as our neighbours in Europe, we can begin to see the corner being turned on this virus somewhere in the 25th to 28th of April. Again I say “I hope”.

I hope you are finding ways to stay safe, to stay healthy and to remain in an emotional healthy place throughout this pandemic.

Thanks for reading and I would be delighted if you could join me over on twitter and help me in continuing to spread the word on my books. If I do not continue to market them or spread the word, then how would folks ever know they exist?
My handle there is @TWOsonsTOOmany

look forward to hearing from ya. Feel free to comment below. oh yeah be sure and hit the share button, cheers.

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