Life after the VIRUS

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Life after “The Virus”

Imagine, April 2020 and the world is on lock down.
Can we look forward to a time when we will all emerge out the other side of this pandemic?


Something I would like to encourage you to do, I am writing to you today to encourage you to make a video for your work.
If you have a business or provide a service in your area, then make a video and post it online.
Why? You might ask.

* Let people know you exist.

* Let people now what it is you do and what area you are in.

* Let people know in this time of super high surfing the internet rates.

* Use your time to advertise yourself and look to to life after this virus.

When you make a video of your business, you are letting people know you exist and that you are “Gung-ho” to get back to work.
The encouragement you will be providing to the public will have a great affect.


Many right now are sick of hearing about corona virus.
Many are terrified to venture outside.
Many are losing hope in the future of the world.
You will give great encouragement to people to begin to use their mind to believe in the next phase which will be life after the virus.
Your business or services may be just what they have been looking for and they will never know about you or find you if you do not “pitch it to them”.

Get online and get posting about your business.
Perhaps you are not comfortable speaking in front of the camera, so Find a business card of yours and hold the phone up to it for a clear picture of your business card and speak about where you are and what it is you do.

For example,
I have made videos in the past and I continue to write different posts around the internet. My goal is to make attempts to bring about some thought in you, the reader.
Why do this?
My work load is what I have put in to writing my books. I wish to sell them around the world and offer some inspiration to others to enrich their own lives. How will they find my books if I do not make posts and blog posts, just like this one? So for me, I write.
I write to encourage you in your day to day life and to bring up ideas or concepts for you.


Are you a contractor or a hairdresser? Do you fix windows or leaks? Do you run a home cleaning service? are you available to do alterations for people?
Are you a personal trainer?
Are you a therapist?
Are you a lawyer?
Are you a jewelry maker?
Are you a photographer?
The list goes on & on.

Whatever it is that you do, I firmly believe you can bring great comfort to your community by getting online and starting to really talk about LIFE after the VIRUS.
Let’s look to what we are gonna do when this is over and let’s focus on seeing the back of this horrible time.

I am not saying that in a time of crisis or global pandemic that one should look to make their business better. What I am saying however is that this is the time where there are many of your local neighbours surfing the internet (probably out of boredom at this stage) that maybe don’t even know you exist.
Let them know.
Get online and start posting.

Feel absolutely free to post your business on any of my social media platforms and I will gladly share them for you.


Recommendations are,
Make a post on your accounts that shows your,
* Business name and Ph. number.
* Website address if you have one.
* Your local area.
* Discuss things like your availability.
* Mention any discounts you are willing to

Be sure to post your video on your social media sites. Let people know you exist, you are confident we will all be back in business soon.
Your posts will lift your local community, letting people know who and where you are will lift and encourage all to focus on life after the virus.


These are things you can do that go beyond the social distancing and sneezing into your sleeves.
There will one way to rebuild after this pandemic and that is by working together and supporting our local communities first and then we branch out from there.

Now lets start seeing more of them videos and posts , letting us all know who you are.

You can find me around the web @TWOsonsTOOmany

Aidan Mc Nally

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