Monday Motivation ~ Father’s day gone & now the days get shorter

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Monday Motivation ~ Father’s day gone & now the days get shorter.

How about that folks? Father’s day and the longest day of the year all rolled in to one.
Some poor fathers had to endure much longer than others due to this and some others wished it would never end.

I suppose I write this post as a message to fathers and moms can probably get it too. Actually there is a large chance the moms will read it and maybe share with or recommend the post to their hubby.

The longest day of the year has passed. It will be soon that the “neggo nellies” will be saying how they can notice the days getting shorter.
Here is a whopping “fun fact” for ya all.
The days are always the same length. 24 hours.
Brightness and darkness may change around a little and so of course we have shorter brightness hours.

So, wrapped up in the longest day of the year was father’s day, this year. Wow. What a remarkable coincidence.
For fathers everywhere know that this one day is a day they wish could be everyday.
Something unusual about it and something worth mentioning,
There are many fathers in the world and some of them have made their children with a woman and when it comes down to this day fathers day, they perhaps might not deserve it.
A sad reality.
Just like the sun moving around the earth and how the bright hours of days will slowly become shorter. The fact remains that some guys have made beautiful children and they do not care about them.
There are some guys out there that have nothing to do with their children.
Some guys out there find every excuse in the book, not to be able to make time for their children.

What a crock of, you know what.
I find this hard to get my head around. I am quite certain that many of you have always got something to do more important than your children.
The piece I am even more certain about is that when a day like father’s day comes along, there are many men who hold their chest out as the mighty father. When 364 days of the year they too are like the sunshine. Many dark days. Short visits to their children. The odd note here and there or text or maybe a quick video.

I was once an absentee father. I did not see my son everyday. I did not take him shopping when it was time to get shower gel and razors.
I did not hound him to clean up his room nor did I hold him when things were not going right.
I was an absentee father.
I communicated with him as often as possible and tried very hard to nurture an open policy of always telling each other everything. We did not speak everyday and so when we did, I always wanted for a true and genuine chat.
When we did see each other, I knew he loved me and I was quite certain he knew I loved him.

So because I was an absentee father, I understand the guilt and the pains of missing special days with him. I also can tell you “free of charge” that every waking hour possible is time to be involved with your child’s life.

Who am I to mention these things as if to point a finger of blame or make clear how lame any father is who does not make time for their children?
That is right, I am nobody special.

Who am I to bring about a real topic of why it is such a waste of time to call yourself a father and then have no dealings with your children?
That is right, I am nobody special.

Who am I to mention how it is almost disgusting to call yourself a father and then make more time for your new girlfriend than your children?
That is right, I am nobody special.

Who am I to bring up that it is appalling to not visit your children because you cannot handle the drama from your ex?
That is right, I am nobody special.

Who am I to mention that all fathers who make excuses and make no time for their children and be involved with their minds even or their emotions?
That is right, I am nobody special.

Who am I to think it is okay to lay the guilt out there for fathers who decide that work is more important than their children?
That is right, I am nobody special.

Who am I to judge a man who does not make time to be some way involved in their child’s life?
That is right, I am nobody special.

Who am I to think of how pathetic a guy is to boast about his children to all around him, yet he has nothing to do with them and leaves all the fathering up to the single parent?
That is right, I am nobody special.

Just like the summer months and the sunshine hours of each day, they change. One day it is the longest daylight hours and then in the blink of an eye it will be the shortest daylight hours. That is the cycle of life on our planet. Well, just like these ever changing time lines of daylight, our children change too. Our children are growing all of the time. Their needs are changing and their ways of thinking are changing.

Are you a father who deserves a father’s day or just someone who deserves to have 18 or 19 hours of daylight to sit back and figure out where you might be going wrong?

I am going to share a link with you. The link will bring you to my 1st ever memoir. The title is TWO sons TOO many.

I wrote it for myself and then through a few readers feedback I learned that perhaps there are many fathers out there who could do with reading about my story.
When I asked above about who am I to say this or that.
The answer lies in you reading this book.
Click the link, get the book and we can discuss further.

Here is to the rest of summer “covid ‘n’ all”.
Do yourself a massive favour and read, TWO sons TOO many.
You can thank me later and enjoy being a father again.

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