March thru September 6 months ~ Check on a friend.

Covid 19 has taken a while and keeps on going. Reach out to a friend and see how they are doing. How are you doing?

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March thru September ~ 6 months Check on a friend.

Just like the title reads, March the 3rd month of the year, September the 9th. Simple math says that is 6 months.

Though the virus has been around for a little time before March of 2020 & when we include all of March snd all of September, then we are looking at more than just 6 months.

The mass hysteria and the widespread deaths have slowed down, yes this is true. I or should I say we are to believe that in the almost 12 months that the virus has been around there have been no scientific breakthroughs to find a vaccine. This obviously raises more than just eyebrows.

Let’s not dwell on the virus though.
How have your last six months been?
How have you been doing through the lockdown and quarantine?

We could be all upbeat and super DE duper with how we have recreated the wheel and life is wonderful, thank you covid for the time needed to make everything fantastic. I have seen enough of this kind of nonsense on TV that it is now becoming like the sideshow of side shows.

Real people have had real changes occur in their lives over these past 6 months. From financial stability to ending of business life and then all the time people have had to think themselves into worse situations than they were in beforehand. The mental health status of society has been put under a ton of strain. The backlash, fall out or lasting effects we may never identify for quite some time to come.

Real people have been severely impacted by covid 19 and to remain upbeat and positive has been quite hard for many. I feel it is important to consider yourself and consider others in this time of uncertainty. How have you been and how are you doing?
I write this post this evening for all out there who think or feel that nobody understands your pain. For all who struggle on a daily basis and are sick to the teeth of seeing such great new positive lives showcased on TV during the corona saga.
I write for you this evening that maybe your friend might be reading this right now and consider you. I wish to reach out to you and put some words of encouragement to you that it will be okay.
I write to you to encourage you to continue and even though it seems like nobody cares, there are many people who do.
They may seem like they are all so into themselves and their own worries during the covid times that you are never even thought of. Well you are.

I have an understanding that life can be quite difficult.
I understand that sometimes thoughts in your head will not go quiet for long enough to allow you to think.
I understand that the feelings of raw hurt and pain are almost as if they will completely consume you out of existance.
I understand that it is difficult to communicate the emotion to others and a lot of the time you don’t want to talk to anyone, anyway.
I understand that nobody can really understand.

I have written books about my life, shared with the world my own traumatic experiences and I have also shared the secrets that I found to be a way out of the dark place we can find ourselves in.
I also understand that my books cannot do shit for you when you are suffering in silence. I know that my words can only touch 5 percent of the pain that you feel.

I write this post to encourage all who read it to reach out and check on a friend. Ask someone how are they feeling these days. Ask a friend do they want to hang out for an hour and just sit together. It does not have to be a chat or a conversation. Just reach out to a friend and sit in silence somewhere and share a little time together.
To spend time with someone can help.
To chat with a friend can help.
To know that someone else shows that they care can help.
There is no shame or no need for pride when it comes to feeling down and or “feeling crap”.

This past 6 months have been very difficult on the majority of the world’s population. People, everyday people have gotten a glimpse of what your day to day world is always like.
Lonely perhaps?
Isolated perhaps?
Sick and tired of being sick and tired perhaps?

Reach out and ask a friend to spend an hour with you.
Reach out and ask a friend would they like to spend an hour with you.

These are recipes and formulas on how we, the world population can turn the corner and be better for each other.

I thank you for your readership and I thank you all who have supported my writing with a share on social media or a download or purchase of any of my books.
I appreciate all of you who will look out for your one or two friends who need a little of your time right now.
I know that each and every one of us is very caught up in our own mess with covid and the struggles of of our own life.
Reach out to and friend and offer a little support. Reach out to a friend and ask for some support.
Chatting and talking with each other costs us nothing.
There is plenty of love in this world and all we have to do is use our talk and chat to find out how this world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people.

Feel free to share & or comment.

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