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I began my writing “career” with this whole great new idea of mine. I thought. How about if I share with the world and all the people in it, some of my experiences. I even went so far as to go into a little detail about some of the fun stuff and some of the travels. Seemed like the correct way to share and give some insight as to how I had come about to write a book about my life.
Like they will all get it, right?

My main goal was to write for myself 1st and foremost though. Let’s just say I needed it at the time. Yup, like the desert needs water.
The goal I am mentioning was to inspire people to begin to think for themselves.

I really have always believed that just because I may find something simple or easy or find something easy to figure out, then so should everybody.
There did not seem any sense in me writing about my life and telling anyone how it is or how to be. Not at all, “au contraire rodders”.
My goal has always been to encourage you to think for yourself.

I began writing to shed some light on some touchy subjects like grief and death, I suppose really to use some of the occurances in my own life as a way to open the door to your own mind and allow you to read about some stuff I had “went through”, “experienced” and then this would be a good way for you to begin to think about where I was in my travels and some of the things that came up for me in my life. My goal, my hope that you would begin to gain some perspective into your own life and perhaps begin to value yourself just a little bit more than you do.
I guess it is true to say, I believe that we all can use a little extra self love every so often. Can never have too much of that stuff.

My opinion of how you are, what you are or who you are. All totally irrelevant.
And then by the same token any person’s opinion of who or what I am falls into the same category of who gives a hoot?

Why bring this up?

Of course the bloody corona virus saga. Life as we now know it, the “new norm”.
Yup, it has dragged on for some time now indeed. The point about it and the title of today’s blog post is to ensure you that right here during these times, wait for it.
Nobody gives a foooooook about numbers of cases or about locations. Nobody wants to know what is the proper procedure for the president of the untied States to follow when he has contracted a “deadly virus”.
Nobody really wants to stop and think about taking care of each other by staying at home and wearing masks etc etc.

I write.
I write to you and I write for me. I write this blog post to offer all of my books as distraction from the virus and life right now in 2020.
I wish to offer to you enough distraction from all the media blasting on the same coverage of governments and all that they are doing wrong to combat the virus.
Distraction form the daily corona virus news, which seems to just go on and on and on. Sheesh! Enough already.

Yes, distraction is what I offer to you in my books. Some, where you can begin to delve into my life and when finished reading, go OMG! & WTF!
All very real also.

Distraction enough, just enough to bring about a thought and an emotion of your own.
Distraction enough to bring about tiny little changes into your own life.
Not because I say so or because I have done so. Changes because you can be moved by my own story and it only makes sense after you get to know more about me and my life that you will forget your own troubles for a little while. Distraction. At its finest right there.

My opinion of whether or not my own government officials are outright blatant thugs and thieves. Who cares?
My opinion on whether or not BLM or covid 19 updates matter or not are not the issue either. Why? Because the human race is becoming more and more callous. Perhaps they (yes, you) have always been callous and it has taken the virus to bring it out of you. Who knows?

My most recent book that I wrote through all of last year has been primarily about giving some tidbits of tools to use to help you declutter and get your own life focused. I guess there has never been a better opportunity than now for me to share with you all about “Layman’s Handbook by Aidan Mc Nally”.

YES, this is a blog post, here I advertise myself and my writing, incase you have not figured that out yet.

NO, It is not that I believe your opinion or what you think matters as much as perhaps you do.

Covid 19 has shown us that as society’s around the world together, your opinion or my opinion or what we think is second to what the virus is doing and what governments are doing to try and bring it to an end.

Here in Ireland where I grew up, there has always been this element of who knows best. The people of Ireland, the Irish, have always been so opinionated. It almost seems sometimes that the Irish must be the smartest bunch ever to walk the earth. The use of the word “should” is used massively. Every person an expert on what someone else should do and what the government should do etc etc.
The Irish are all so smart and each individual living so perfectly that it is only all the other fools around them that are doing it wrong.

A question about us the Irish.
How come with all the brainiacs of the country, how come the corona virus has not been kicked out, stamped out from Ireland?

All the geniuses of Ireland and not many can seem to wear a mask that actually covers their nose and mouth.
Figure heads and the elite breaking lockdown rules without any consequences.
People who are fed up with the idea of staying at home, not only go out. They decide to have protest rallies and marches against the lockdown restrictions and do the complete opposite of what has been asked of them by forming larger groups and coming together with people and not wearing masks.

All the brainiacs of Ireland who think the virus will not get them or that they do not have to abide by the rules.
Ahh yes, the excuse could be that the government is advising us wrongly and so why go along with what is recommended.

Well if everybody went along with the rules / guidelines which were set in place in March 2020, perhaps we would not be in the current situation.

There is a word we use in Ireland for people who appear to not act sensibly.
The word is gobshite and when more than 1 it simply becomes gobshites.

Where are all your clever tricks for how to do everything right?

The entire world has outlined and clearly explained that the virus is real.
Though the excuse to act in a way that can be considered not too sensibly, “oh sure the government have it all wrong and they lie and steal and cheat anyway. Why listen to them?”

Like I mentioned above, come and do some reading for some distraction.
All these books can be found on amazon.

TWO sons TOO many ~ memoir

17 & Life ~ memoir

My grief, the last 3 years ~ poems & blog compilation

Layman’s Handbook, a journey to self ~ self love.

Look em up, have a read and then let’s discuss.
Leave a review, if you would be so kind. It is what helps writers like myself gain more traction.
If you have already read any of my books, I do of course hope you will leave a review of what you thought or how you felt.

Here is to beginning to find ways to live around the virus and enjoy October and the winter ahead.

Please share or comment on the post.
Thanks a bunch.
Happy reading #TWOsonsTOOmany #LaymansHandbook


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