Covid ~ wondering about it 2021

What role do we all play in removing restrictions?


Covid-19 they call it.
Makes me wonder a little bit. This is 2021, so does this mean we have 2 years with this? Almost, is the harsh fact.

Some simple sruff I have noticed and have been left wondering, how? Why? And why not? Let me play some of this stuff out for ya.

The world over have been caught out by covid-19. No one nation has had any clue what to do about covid and their respective societies. For this reason they have become a focus of blame. The blame game is always easy and why not use the covid situation to change your government?
It has become a tough job for any politician in any part of the world. They are not free from blame though, this is the tricky piece. It would be better to direct the blame and express your opinion for the issues where your government may have failed you and not only to pick holes in covid response by your politicians. Use your covid response disgust in a way where the underlying issues are brought to the fore.

You were unhappy with your government before covid ever happened. Think about it.
They just got the shitty job of being at the helm when it hit. The fact your government continues to make terrible decisions in the face of covid, well thats a whole and other story.

What can you do though? You have been rendered powerless by lockdown restrictions, social distancing rules and guidelines, you may have even found yourself out of work, depressed, sick of looking at your cooker and so sick of cooking meals that somedays you do not even want to eat.
Covid-19 has been tough for everyone, though this brings no satisfacrion to anybody.
To satisfy yourself for a little bit today or this week, take some time and make a phone call to your government office and raise concern for the issue that has bothered you the most. This is part of their job, they have to deal with you as you have given them their place in office.

Any government official will begin to listen when the phones are ringing off the chain. They take a nice hefty paycheck and have confidence that you will do nothing to take that from them. It is your civic duty to demand results of your elected officials. The only way to bring about change is take action in the direction of the change you wish to see.

Civic duty and why we are to blame.
Yup me and you, we are individuals who make up our society. Our actions make the whole thing go tick tock.
Let me join a couole of dots for ya.

The guidelines, restrictions and curfews in place around the world are all wonderful and beautfiul even. The requirements though have rested on each and every individual, yup! You and me.

We must wear a mask, this is fair enough. We do this as a selfless act, an act of where it is not to protect me from catching the virus, we do it so as not to spread the virus. For this reason we wear masks. Many have rebelled and put up resistance to this as they could not see how wearing a mask did anything to save themselves from catching covid-19. The point being it is not something you do for yourself, you do it for your own society, for the people around you.
Wearing of the masks is to prevent the spread in your own immediate area.

Hand washing.
This again is your own responsibility. All the shops require you to wear a mask to enter and be served. There is also a requirement to sanitize your hands as you enter.
Here is the kicker though, they have not been providing you soap and water to wash your hands. Alcohol sprays have been used to kill the virus from your hands.
If you use them regularly you are doing your bit and making real attempts to reduce the spread of the virus.
If any government around the world could have confidence that the society they represent would stay clean all of the time, the restrictions could be less and society could be moving again.

Tying things together and only as I see ’em too.

A machine was introduced in march 2020 as a way of cleaning hospital rooms quickly as the world was falling apart. Rooms were needed and needed to be sterilised rapidly. The machine uses black light or UV rays to clean, as the UV rays kill the corona virus. It is a funny looking machine and it zaps the light with the UV rays all around the room, making it sterilised.
What was discovered though was that the UV rays did indeed kill the virus however it did not clean away the dead cells. Apparently new live virus could then be brought into the room by way of a new patient and the virus could somehow multiply faster by occupying the cells of the dead virus and the multiplying factor was enhanced.
For this reason the UV machine thing was kind of axed as there was still a need for soap and cloths and people to clean the room as the dead virus cells needed to be washed away.

Let’s connect these dots.
You have been entering shops wearing masks and using minimal alcohol sprays to your hands for over a year now. Alcohol kills the virus. How many times after the alcohol use have you washed your hands with soap and water? How many times have you washed away the dead virus cells from your own hands?
Keeping in mind that the UV light cleaning machine was great at killing the virus though not great at cleaning it.
So, cleaning your hands with alcohol kills the virus, next time you do the alcohol thing for say 4 or 5 times in a day, pay attention to the stuff that washes off your hands when you get to soap and water.
Perhaps we could demand of all the shops to provide soap and water and not alcohol spray only.

To quote the mighty JFK “ask not what your country can do for you……………”
Yup! Again.
You are responsible as an individual to do what is right for your own society. That is your civic duty. Wash your hands with soap and water 0 or 20 times a day. Is that really that hard?

Telephone and complain to your politicians about politcal issues. Remove the lockdown restrictions by washing your hands with soap and water and wear masks. Avoid contact when and where possible and maintain social distancing, which kinda means, don’t be around people for too long.

Ah yes I myself am a mighty one to preach. I am not preaching though. I have just travelled 10k miles around the globe recently and I got to see stuff from other countries perspectives.
I saw, shops that provided alcohol spray gel in dispensers operated by a foot pedal, immediately next to these were wash hand basins with soap dispensers and a foot pedal to turn on the water. Mind you, you only got to those dispensers and entered the store after a person took a temperature reading from you.

I will discuss the various complaints I have about the travel in another post later on.
For now consider what I have mentioned and take charge of doing your part to remove restrictions.
There are no reasons any business need be closed right now.
How many of you will take this serious enough to comment?
It is on you, not your government

4 comments on “Covid ~ wondering about it 2021”

  1. I’m afraid I’m the saddo that spots typos! You make good points. It is down to each of us to do our bit, but we don’t have choices about whether to open up for business until allowed. Anyhow, we can make good use of the time to do things differently and to reassess the important things in life and what is surplus… maybe the post-covid world will have grown up a bit – and hopefully I will have too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool, cool.
      It was an attempt using my phone while on a flight.
      Had a quick breeze through, hope to have removed the odd extra letter here and there lol.
      Have a good week ✌️👍🏼

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