Russian invasion of Ukraine ~ I sit and think

How can this invasion continue to happen? How can it be allowed?

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I awoke to the same shocking news as you all did this February in 2022. Russian troops were entering the Ukraine and an air assault had already occurred mid morning followed by ground troops advancing. These were the basic news reports being reported. Yes to my disgust and quite shocked to see. In the year of all advancement in life and humanity a single independent nation could be harrassed and invaded in such a manor.

As I sit and think of how this will effect my life, the answer for me is that it will cost me some money when I fuel up the car, products in the grocery store are likely to cost more also. So what else? Not too much more to be honest, yet I feel an emptiness inside to see footage of people having to shelter in place and flee for borders of neighbouring lands. I feel upset and angered directly at the actions of Vladimir Putin.
Why so?
This invasion does not affect me directly in any major way. I am an Irish man and citizen and have no military obligations of any kind. I am a writer and positivity influencer who has a specialist niche expertise in life and how we as humans can overcome and succeed in life. For these reason I am clear and certain of how the Ukrainian people will over come these horrific attacks and efforts of occupation.

My upset and distaste is based upon my own naivety and ignorance. My heart felt emotions are for the people of the Ukraine for sure. The entire country of Ukraine is not deserving of such attacks, they ARE INNOCENT.

My naivety is such where I believed this kind of thing could never happen. I thought that the more we advanced as humans, the more less likely such an invasion of a free nation could ever happen. I, like you perhaps, believed in the sysyem of politics and democracy and believed that war or any land occupation or invasion was simply not possible within our modern world.
I was wrong.
I was living in a dream of niceties and believed in the good of our global system.

I have watched the news reports on day 1 and 2 of the invasion and thought or more like, really expected to see immediate action of tremendous force to repel the Russian efforts. What I have heard thus far have been trade embargoes and sanctions that may take some time to make any dent in the Russian war effort.

So what does one believe in now? 1st off I guess, I as a human of this world would ask that any person with any clout or position of influence to encourage all around the world to aid and assist any Ukrainian person at this time and through the coming days & weeks. Use your position to spread the news to Russian people so as to give them clearer insight of what has happened and is happening, give Russian citizens an understanding outside of Putin and Kremlin propoganda.

Hold accountable your own local, county, state & federal governments to act immediately.
Vladimir Putin has proven to be a liar and continues to show strong evidence of mental instability, which then in turn brings about strong cause for his removal from power.
UN, NATO troops, Australia, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, France and all other powerful nations have civic duty to their citizens to stamp out any tyrant who acts in the manner in which we are seeing occur in Ukraine today. Our vastly connected world could shut the Russians down in an instant
yet politics and accoubtability, more like accountability dodging all take precedent.

Shame on you world leaders. Or is it shame on me?
Fool me once with the lack luster efforts during a pandemic, shame on you.
Fool me twice with no immediate action in direct opposition through force against Russia, shame on me!

The world as I know it and as I will continue to believe in the good of humanity is with you Ukraine.

To brave fallen heroes of Ukraine, I salute you. 💜

Please sign, reply and share to show support to those citizens of Ukraine who have already suffered enough darkness in the face of Vladimir Putin and the Russian war effort.

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