Marketing the new book

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The beauty in marketing your book
The book has been written and now it is down to the real work in making your new book fly.
Fly is right😊
The Internet is of course the number one tool to make the #NewBook get its wings and drive all the traffic in the world to the book page and see the purchase clicks go bananas.

Let’s be real though, perhaps you are like me and you have indeed produced a fine new book. You even went so far as to do #ebook and #paperback in your new title. What more could people want? Right?

Using the Internet to post promotional posts on the #bookpage on Facebook is well worth having, I might add. The book page on Facebook though is only as good as the shares you can get for it. When do you think was the last time someone might have managed to type your title into the search bar on Facebook?

Twitter, now this is a major book marketing hang out. Authors seem to outweigh readers here though. Too many tweets about a new book, kind of become boring really. New content is needed all of the time. Have you got 800 tweets a day in you? Can you get some big named tweeters to come on board and give you a little #bookboost every so often? Twitter though, I will admit is a nice place to meet new and interesting authors, readers and book people.

Instagram has a massive following these days and for sure is something I must work harder on figuring out. I do not seem to be able to embed a link to my books on Instagram yet. Again it has its similarities to Facebook in limited to sharing potential. Hashtags are available for use though on Instagram and this is a massive help. Facebook hashtags have little to no affect.

A blog, just like this one. Get mentioned in as many blogs and with the high use of book title hashtags. Have you created a hashtag for your book yet? Get as many as you can to share it. Keep in mind Facebook and hash tagging gets little to no higher rankings anywhere. Ya want shares when on Facebook.
My titles, TWO sons TOO many, memoir. #TWOsonsTOOmany
17 & Life, #memoir. #17nLife
My Grief, the last 3 years, blog. How do I make a hashtag for that? 😊
The #newrelease #nonfiction book.
Layman’s Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live. A journey to SELF #LaymansHandbook

There they are.
Have you heard about them before or seen the hashtags or a post somewhere about these?
Well now you have.

I hope you enjoy the reading and can consider yourself, right slap bang in the hunt with me as I too just keep on writing and sharing.
All shares on #facebook appreciated.
All #Tweets on #twitter appreciated.

As a matter of fact all shares anywhere on the internet are what make the writer really happy and gain more exposure.
So ya know what to do now. 😊 I happily reciprocate for all my fellow authors too.
Here is a link to where you can find all my books.

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