Friday nigh chat show turned toy fest #LateLateToyShow

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Irish TV on Friday night, #LateLateToyShow
Usually early December or has happened in this case, late November. A regular Friday evening chat show here in Ireland is taken over by toys and children. The show turns from the usual Friday night chat show to a complete fun fest of displaying toys and having children test the toys and present the toys with some serious child critics too.
The show is about children, for children and a lot of Christmas gift ideas are gathered from the show.
It is an age old tradition in Ireland of the modern times. The #LateLateToyShow is legendary among Irish children and adults alike.

The host is a guy by the name of Ryan, he has his quirks and some like him or some hate him. This is a matter of your own taste and not for me to portray or decide for you here in a #blog post. Ryan did some silly antics to keep the mood light hearted and some awful jokes and puns too, all in good gest though.

I am not a regular viewer of the show as my many years outside of #Ireland has made me lose touch on the show. Many families get very excited and make a big effort to watch the show and have a little party even. The one night the kids can stay up really late and watch the show that is for children, once a year. Though the presenter in my time was a great TV show host and interviewer, who we lost in Ireland recently this year. The now long running “new host” Ryan did the mighty man Gay Byrne a great honour this evening with his show.
Back when I was a child I also sat up late to see this show.

Tonight I can openly admit that I was moved by the show, the flow of the show and the children performing songs and dance were all excellent. The guest critics were quite fun to watch and listen to too. On perhaps 4 if not 5 occasions tonight during the show I was moved to tears. There was a reuniting of a family with their big sister, as the show flew her home for Australia to Dublin to spend Christmas with her family. A random act and a great surprise to her mother and brothers and sisters.
A special gift for a little girl who has grown up with a sick little brother and as she was a critic of some of the toys, she was shocked when she was offered some great paid trips to see her favourite shows and stuff.
A special treat from the British open winning champion golfer to a little mini golfer who demonstrated a golfing practice game for kids. The youngster might have been 5 or 6 and she is a golf pro already. Her idol Shane lowery showed up and presented her with the 18th hole flag of his open winning game, framed and signed for her. She could not believe her idol was there to meet her.
A critic of the toys who was into fitness and demonstrated some of the fun fitness toys for children was met by surprise when her idol Katie Taylor walked out and presented her with her winning boxing gloves from her recent fight.

Ahh here it keeps going on and the characters of little children were all exceptional. A fantastic message was sent out from a child who has experienced bullying and she really got the last say on that.

All in all an excellent show and well done on every aspect.
Thumbs up to #RyanTubridy & all the staff of the #LateLateToyShow #Ireland.
Gotta give credit where it is due.
@TWOsonsTOOmany fb & Twitter.

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