January, “blues” why not purples?

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The January “blues” why not purples?

January marks the start of all things great to come this year. 2020 being a new decade really marks a significant new era for all of us.
Why is it so special?
Why do they call them the January blues?
Perhaps with the ending of Christmas holiday festivities and the long break that it can be, makes it kind of hard to begin again in January. Leaving aside all that we have spent during the holiday season. Back to work, back to school and back to life.

I do not see this a reason to be blue. You could be yellow, purple or pink with cherry dots. What’s the difference?
This is a real question that I am asking you.
What is the difference?
You are the same person you were last September for example. You are the same person you will be, next July.
This is something I sincerely believe in and want you to consider. The person that you are is the same person that you have always been. Ever since the day that you were born.

We have the ability to be happy and we have the ability to be blue or purple or green. We also have the ability to make ourselves happy when we are blue or down. We can use our happy memories to bring back some smiles. We can set some little goals for our year to brighten the horizons of our future. The most important I suppose would be how we have the ability to be in the now. Like right now, reading this.
Can you pause for a moment and think on some happy memories. Can you remember how it felt? Can you be the same Happy right now?

We can if we try and being in our right now can make us happy with who we are today. The funny piece is we have always been this same person.

Here is a guide with some simple tools and techniques to help you find that “now time” that “me time”.
Enjoy 2020
Have a read of this great new book and be alive in today.
Let’s try and imagine ourselves as green or purple for a change.
Layman’s Handbook #LaymansHandbook
Take a journey to SELF

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