Political opinion, religious view.

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Elections, politics & religion. How dare you

They say, never discuss politics or religion. Who are they?
The general public who make up our society. That is who, so me and you basically.
Why not discuss politics though?
Should we discuss what we want from our politicians then perhaps our friends and neighbours can begin to hear our point of view and express theirs. Then we can change each others minds. Hearing another person’s opinion is a great way to begin to see something from another angle of view. What is wrong with that?
We cannot all be right all of the time. I definitely encourage everyone to discuss your politics with your circle of friends and colleagues alike. To make a difference, change must come about. It is just the way it is.

Elections are due in Ireland and they happen all over the world and sometimes we all see the center stage play of US elections too. It is a part of our lives now. Make a difference in your election times by discussing openly with everyone your political views. They do not make you a different kind of human being. Should anyone wish to judge you for your political opinion, well that is where the error occurs.
So perhaps the “they” in they say never dicuss politics, are those who are judgemental. So our society, the world in which we live in is made up of judgemental people. Too busy judging each other to actively take a stand in making a new better world for all of us.
Discuss your politics and ask of your friends to think long and hard about their election choices. Nobody can see the future. One must hope to choose a candidate that will be the best for the future and help bring about change. One only has the past to call upon for a view of how any such candidates may have worked previously.
We should not judge each other for a political opinion. We should most definitely judge the politicians on their track record. That is about as simple a thing to understand, I almost think a five year old can understand that.
The politicians are putting themselves forward to be chosen for political office. JUDGE them on their previous records.

And as for religion. I have my beliefs and keep them with me. What I do not need is to be judged for them. What I do not need is an organisation or structure set up that says it must be within a religion or religious order.
If you would like to be religious in any sort of way, then be religious.
If you want to be non religious, then be non religious. Again the 5 year old can understand this. Considering yourself to be religious and to condemn or shun another for their belief system is about as a ridiculous situation as I could ever imagine.

Fact. There is no one single religion that is going to preserve your life for ever.
Fact. There is no one single religion that will remove judgemental assholes from everyday life.
Fact. There is no one single religion that is working hard to rid the world of all of the social adversities facing society today.

Based on these three little things, I will remain with my own belief system and leave the structures of religion to the side for another while longer.

What can ya take from this post today?
Let us just reflect.
Please do not be a judgemental asshole, and double please do not be one that I have to encounter in my day today.
Please do discuss politics with everyone. Be free to express your opinion. All the while knowing that nobody is wrong for their opinion. Remain open to the idea that another may have a better idea.

To top it all off, if or should we say, should you base your political opinion off of a religious view, you might be absolutely NUTS.


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