Consider, what? How?

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What to consider?
How to consider?
Why even consider?
Like all words, if ya say it enough it begins to lose its meaning. Though, when I consider several different aspects in life, sometimes I can end up losing the meaning of life.
What do you consider, the meaning of life to be?

Ah yes, we all can consider each other in some way or another. Consider this, consider that. Do we gain more insight into life by thinking about it though? As opposed of course to actually LIVING it.

The word consider is an interesting word because of what it can bring about within us. We can begin to think in a little different way when someone suggests that we consider something or other. There are times it may be a word that is used in an argument between partners, when giving out.
“did you even consider my feelings?”
What are we asking someone to do when we say such a thing?
“did you give any consideration to….?”
Quite often used when we are about to follow it up with “ya selfish so and so”

I have found because I have had to consider many different things and many different people and their feelings that when I consider how another human may actually be or live or how they just generally are, that through this consideration, I am often taken deeper and deeper into my own ways and my own thinking.
Does this happen for you?

Perhaps an easier way to look at this word “consider” would be a way in which to demonstrate a reason to consider things.
Someone will never know what it is like until they are in the middle of something. Like me for example.
I have lived many a good story, I have lived many a good travel expedition. I have even had some great fortunate circumstances to brag about and have enjoyed some very surreal experiences indeed.
Can you consider how lucky I have been to have been afforded such wonderful experiences in the past?
Probably not as they have not occurred for you. It makes it harder to consider what something might be like without having first hand experience.
Then if it takes a first hand experience to gain knowledge how something feels, what exactly are we saying when we say “consider this”? What are we asking when we say “did you consider….?”
How can we get mad at anyone and use the idea of “they did it without consideration for….”
They had no previous knowledge or they have not had any first hand experience, so how could they consider?

It all makes for some interesting concepts and thoughts in my opinion.
I guess I have been blessed with some ability to “consider” a wide range of situations, thoughts, feelings, experiences.
How can that be though?
Perhaps we all could consider that it is not from some formula book or teachings that I have been blessed with this ability. It has been from 1st hand experiences.
Now the catch.
Perhaps it is possible for some people to imagine. Put themselves outside of their own feelings and thoughts. Perhaps it is possible that when we consider something, the actual process we are going through is stepping out from ourselves and beginning to imagine what it might be like for someone else. How can we do this as we have no knowledge of the experience and so we have no way of knowing what it might feel like?
We do it anyway by perhaps, let us use the word “imagine”
So when we consider, we are imagining.
Imagine what it might feel like to be the other person.
Imagine how it is when this or that happens.
Then if it is all about imagining, perhaps the most creative mind that can imagine a massive far away world and way of life, that they may be an expert at “considering”

How do we actually trick ourselves into feeling something of what another person may feel, when we are imagining something?

Is it fair to say to you that to consider something, to give something some thought is a request to send you into your imagination? Then while in that imagination, it is possible that you can bring about a feeling directly related to the item you are “considering”?
I am considering buying a car right now. This does not sound like something connected to sending me into imagination land.
Merely a thought process at best.
I am considering doing a promotion on some of my books that I have written.
Ah yes this brings me to my imagination as I am thinking about what readers may feel, should I run a special promotion on my books and then a new reader can take advantage of an offer and get some great value in reading any of the books I have written to date.
This makes me imagine what that might be like.
Though these kinds of consider are different from the “did we consider” another person’s feelings?
Definitely calls for imagination process for sure.

When a judge begins the sermon in a court house they may say “considering all the facts of the case”.
Did they really imagine what it all may be like for the accused or are they simply saying they gave it some thought?

Funny little word consider isn’t it?
To finish up.
Considering all that has occurred in my life (this is where I give a lot of thought in reflection}
I hereby declare myself as a professional in deep thought, feelings, adveristy in life, recovery, determination, refusals to quit, inspiration, aspiration, motivation, change, love, mental health, emotional awareness, showing up & doing, how, why & why not.
Given these elements that have now become my own expertise, it is only natural that I suggest my books as reading material for you to “consider”.
Here are the names and they can be found on Amazon in ebook & paperback.

TWO sons TOO many, A memoir.

17&Life (Seventeen & Life), A memoir.

My Grief, the last 3 years, Blog & Poetry.

Layman’s Handbook, in life. Self Help ~ nonfiction.

Why offer to you as your new reading material?
Because of course, that is what I do now. I am a self published author, who wishes nothing more from you than only consider how life might actually be. It is in this small collection of books that you can find and then see why I can sit here and say that for us both, yes you and I. That to consider is one hell of a mind boggling experience.

I cannot know your life and you cannot know mine. I however have learned that to “consider” how yours might be has brought me many places outside of myself and I have been very lucky to be able to “consider” such things as to help and guide me to a higher plain in my own existence.
For these reasons I am ever grateful to the human race and how the world has helped me through.

Give it some thought.
Imagine how it can be.
CONSIDER everything.

Happy January folks.

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