Where is it best to focus? Corona

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Where is it best to focus? Corona

Corona virus is causing all kinds of havoc around the world. It is a fact we cannot deny.
I definitely am someone who believes in the here and now, though I have learned that there are many age old expressions or sayings to keep close to the fore of my mind.

“must look to the past to learn for the future”

or perhaps the best that keeps circling in my mind these current days

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail”

We must have some plans set in place for the aftermath of this virus pandemic. It is important to live in the now as much and as often as we can. This can help us from not going completely insane.

Will we ever shake hands again? Probably.
Will we hug or kiss the cheeks as a way to greet and say hello? Probably.
Will we ever again be sure that we have washed our hands properly? Probably not.

Perhaps there are some deeper aspects of life that we may need to consider as a way forward after the virus has been killed.

What of the workers who were made redundant? The hard work and years of service offered to a company, and then with the virus, just left to the side or kicked to the unemployment line.
Will this type of worker be as loyal as they ever were before?
Is it safe to say that an eyeopener has occurred for the loyal employee?

What of the tax payer who was cast aside by their government? Will this employee wish to return to work and gladly pay the taxes from their hard earned pay, to the government who did not take care of them properly during the pandemic?
What of the banking system who has given short term holiday periods, will the banks continue to higher the payments and ensure they do not lose out? Will the loyal customer become a little more slow or edgy to keep their funds with such institutions? The institutions who wear the sheep’s clothing in the time of the virus slowdown. The bank charges do not appear to take any such holidays.

Will society in general become a little more appreciative of life?
The social distancing and the courtesy being shown through this time.
The genuine small business who have stepped up and offered what little they could to help. Will society find them, seek such small business out and use their services or help to make them profitable as a thank you for their effort during the pandemic?

The social distancing for example, isn’t it nice to enter a shop and not have other people breathing on you or over your shoulder?
Isn’t it nice to have 2 meter distance between you and another person at the check out queue? Simple things that perhaps could have or should have always been.
It has always irked me to have someone breathing or coughing near my shoulder. Perhaps the future is bright in regards to these topics that I have mentioned above.

Will governments the world over give all in the medical profession their rightful pay?
Will the nurses get their rightful recognition? Student nurses who struggle to pay rent and fees and must do without as they struggle when doing compulsory shifts in the hospital wards. Without pay for such “serving their time” work experience. Will the path to training as nurse or any member of medical staff be made an easier path from this point forward?

Let us consider what it is you may do for yourself in the aftermath of this global pandemic. We must see the future and the times after this virus is gone to be able to accomplish new heights and recover/survive.
We must make small plans to in a way, set goals for ourselves.
A valuable thought through this time of lock down may be just exactly that.

What will I do for myself different when this is all over?

I do not think that life as I knew it will return. This is a lesson I have learned some number of years ago. The world in order to recover must begin by making small plans. Each individual can make tiny plans in their own lives to continue the social distancing and to continue the courteous behaviours.
Will it be possible to grow in our personal selves?
Will it serve us good purpose to grow from this time with great new learning and knowledge of what it is that is important to our lives?

Food for thought,
Something to give some thought to to keep the mind turning during these times.
Something to consider for your personal well being.
Author . TWO sons TOO many
17 & Life
My Grief, the last 3 years
Layman’s Handbook

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