Wednesday Wisdom

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They call it Wednesday Wisdom, I guess?

Hard as it may be to, NOT turn on a TV or radio and hear about corona virus. Perhaps just not turning them on might be a key to keeping the mind a little oblivious to the pandemic. Naturally, this would be impossible.
For as much as this topic is being broadcast, imagine for a moment that it is a virus that is more viral than all the posts on social media or all the channels combined.

The element of DEATH, yes it is also very shocking. To think of all of the people who have sadly passed away from the corona virus, it is shocking and appears so unbelievable in many instances.
Are we to consider a moment of comfort because the deaths are occurring so much across the elderly generations?
Can we consider that there is a natural rate of death occurs naturally anyway?
Do images of mass graves and coroners cooler fridges stocked to the roof with dead bodies hammer home the real idea of what this virus is actually doing?

The reporting, though quite cold in nature to report daily “more dead, more dead”, does the reporting serve the purpose of really telling you all how this corona virus is a real bitch of virus. Knows absolutely NO BOUNDARIES .

Even though there is a natural rate of death that occurs across the world daily and some cases may have died anyway, out of old age or from a pre existing condition. Does this make it any easier for the families who are left behind?
The poor families who perhaps had a death of a loved one sped up or brought on a tad earlier, there are also younger and healthy people passing away too.

“Flattening the curve” is a few little words that could drive anyone mad right about now. The graph of the virus across all parameters has been in an upward spike for quite some time. Although the words flatten the curve are been thrown out here, there and everywhere. Yes, there is a sign of reduced deaths and less infections showing up in some parts of mainland Europe. There are still quite high numbers in the critically ill sector. We, the entire world, could really do with seeing all these numbers coming down, down and be gone. Critically ill, new cases, new deaths. What we all could do with seeing is a spike on the graph in the numbers of RECOVERED.

Social distancing, washing our hands and basically keeping away from people. Keeping away not just to maintain 2 meters apart from each other, just keep away. It is hard to stay cooped up in the house, flat, apartment all day these days and many are taking to the outdoors for exercise. It is definitely worth considering that the person you walk past while out for a stroll, may very well have the deadly corona virus droplets in their sneeze or cough. This then can hang in the air and infect you.

I do not want to see any of you who are reading this right now as a statistic of a “new case” or a “new death”.
The 1 way this is possible is to stay very far away from humans. Imagine they have the plague and leprosy with a dash of AIDS, ebola and the corona virus all rolled in to one. They can transfer it to you by breathing close to you.
Can you say on Wednesday, Wednesday Wisdom and all that, is it worth taking the chance?

Think about it.

On a final note, I think it would be nice if we all can spare a small moment in our day for all of those who have lost their lives during these past couple of months. For whatever reason and especially for those who have met their end due to corona virus.
A special thought also for all of the people who have been working tirelessly to try to assist and treat the massive amount of patients.

IT has been reported that the conditions and strains on countries health systems have not been seen since world war times. PTSD is a very real thing and I hope that we can all pause for a moment and wish to the universe that all in the medical field can be spared any more horrible scenes in their daily work load.

This is the Wednesday wisdom we can all hope for. Spare our fellow humans from any more death and suffering. Spare our medical workers from the heart ache and from the cruel scenes.

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