Friday Feeling, “The MASK”

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Friday Feeling, “the masks question”

Yes corona virus is the center of tons of discussion, confusion and frantic consumption of information these days. Not all of the information being received is factual though, what is so new about that?
Nothing really, the internet has been providing us info for some decades now and we tend to gobble it up like crazy.~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The “MASKS” question.
From day one of this pandemic reaching the shores of Ireland, Ireland because that is where I was born and raised and nowadays, is where I live.
From day 1 it was said that masks are only for those who are infected, that anyone who does not have the virus, “there is no need to wear a mask”.
Some had said that this was a way to slow the spread of public hysteria and widespread panic.
Some said that it was a way to lead the public “stupidly”.

The issue has remained the same throughout.
An infected person needs to wear a mask to slow the spread of the infected droplets from their breath. The infected person in an effort to stop the spread of the virus would need a mask to trap their own droplets or cause them to lose their speed as they exit the mouth and this would slow the spread.

The non infected person using the mask could only give a false sense of security. The false sense being that they might believe that wearing a mask would mean they cannot catch the virus. This is not true.

What the mask will actually do is prevent the large infected droplets from getting in to your throat or lungs, yes this is true. Wearing a mask does not give you a full protection. Think about it, air has to pass through the mask for you to be able to breathe so, yes virus molecules can still enter through the mask.

The infected person can slow the spread by wearing the mask. The non infected can still catch it even if they are wearing a mask.

So from day 1 the advice seems to be true and correct.


Wearing the mask to safe guard yourself?
As we have moved further and further into the mess of the virus pandemic. The information is still flying around all over the internet. Even info about what to eat and drink & what not to eat and drink. Shut downs and lock downs, social distancing, cocooning and quarantine are all part of the mix now.
So what about the masks now?

There was advice and suggestions that it is important to social distance from each other and consider that every person has it . “Assume everyone has it”, that is what has been advised. Probably in week one or two, this was the advice.
Assume everyone has it.
So more and more people decided to take up wearing gloves and masks.
Please don’t get me wrong, wearing gloves and masks are great in my opinion.


We are still unclear about the masks though.
Now as we move even further into the pandemic, we are still unsure. Should we or should we not be wearing masks?

The advice was, “assume everyone has it”
One of the funny things about that assumption is, will you assume you have it yourself?

The research based on a few short weeks of the virus is suggesting that, “a person is MOST INFECTIOUS prior to ever showing any symptoms”.
That is weird itself.
A requirement to be tested is to show symptoms. No symptoms, No test.
This means that all the people walking around feeling fine and with no symptoms may actually be SPREADING THE VIRUS.
Without ever feeling a single symptom.

Remember, the advice is that a person may well be “MOST INFECTIOUS prior to ever showing any symptom”.


Best advice from what appears all across the news and media outlets


* Wear it because you may be an infected person and not even know it yet.

* Wear the mask as you are assuming you have it yourself.

* Wear the mask not to protect yourself, you wear it to save others.

* Wear the mask to prevent the large molecules from another infecting you.

* Wear the mask & do not think it fully protects you.


Wearing the mask could save your life, this is great news. The beautiful news is that you wear the mask to save the lives of the people around you.

Wearing a mask is a selfless act.
I thank you all for wearing a mask.

Oh and by the way if you like reading books. You can find my books on amazon. some reading to keep you company while stuck indoors.

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Aidan Mc Nally

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