10 simple steps to breathe, just B ~ R ~ E ~ A ~ T ~ H ~ E

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10 simple steps to breathe, just B ~ R ~ E ~ A ~ T ~ H ~ E

The universe is letting us all know the importance of our breathing.
Have you ever seen such a time before?
People are struggling to breathe due to a pandemic of the corona virus. Is it teaching us anything?
What can you take from this valuable lesson right now?

While you sit in isolation, practice social distancing and maybe even you are in one of the vulnerable categories and it is vitally important that you practice cocooning. You may just be smart enough to recognize that staying at home “saves lives”.

For years you have heard of things like “meditation” & “yoga”, you have never really paid too much attention to them though.

You may have even said to yourself , “nah that auld stuff is not for me”.

Maybe you have heard of these things and thought to yourself, “I would look a right eejit doing that stuff”.

Another could be, “That concentrating and focus stuff just does my head in”.
“I cannot learn this stuff, makes no sense to me”.

How about if I were to let you in on a little secret, there is no secret. Imagine that, no big secret, they have this thing in common.
You focus your mind on your own body and your own person.

You practice breathing and as you inhale on the first 5 to 10 breaths, you are letting yourself know that you exist.
That is about all there is to it and you can just repeat a few times over.

As you exhale, you rid yourself of any bitterness or aches and pains. Any headaches you may feel, any ugly stuff in your emotional self, each time you breathe out you allow them to leave your body.
And there you have it, to do some yoga, you can then apply the stretching and movements of yoga to combine them with your breathing. bringing the movement of your muscles and the movement of your lungs together as one which will bring about some great clear focus within your mind.
Having a clear mind will allow you to feel a little more and in an all around way be a massive benefit to yourself, a major chance to begin to feel better, content and wait for it…… Yes even, happy.


Right now there are medical staff and ventilator machines in high demand. Why? to help people breathe. The corona virus is taking away the ability to breathe for some people around the world.

The universe is making an attempt to remind us of the importance of breathing. Our breathe is actually the fundamental thing that keeps us alive. We may have taken this for granted, maybe just a little bit?
There is nothing major to understand or become aware of when attempting to meditate. Again, breathing, our single most important piece of life.


Let’s try.
In a quite place in your home, find a seat and sit still, listening to nothing. let’s focus on our breath.
1. Breathe in a nice smooth deep breath.
(As we breathe in we are going to take in new air to our lungs, bringing new life, new energy, new air to our blood cells to help our body live).

2. We exhale the same, a nice smooth exhale.
(while we exhale we are going to take all of our thoughts and let them slow down and flow out from of our mind).

3. Breathe in again, a nice long slow smooth breath.
(We imagine how the air coming in is travelling all around our body. We can feel the new air right at our nostrils. Feeling how refreshing it is).

4. We exhale again just the same.
(As we exhale we take any aches and pains from our body and we allow them leave as the air leaves out from our bodies).

5. Inhale again, again a nice smooth breath.
(We feel the air at our nose and mouth and we can bring in the new life that the universe is giving to us each and every day, we bring in new fuel to survive. We bring in new taste and new appetite).

6. We exhale and feel the heat from our breathe. (We exhale all of the nasty stuff from inside of our body and of our aura. We leave the negative thoughts to escape and we wish them well on their way out from us).

7. As we breathe in now we are beginning to bring about a PAUSE to our life. (A slow down is occurring in our life, our world and our mind is slowly becoming clear).

8. We inhale new life again. (We can begin to feel and taste the new breath, the new life is filling our lungs and it tastes so fresh. We can begin to feel the energy).

9. We exhale an even breath and allow bitterness flow from out from our gut, we allow our taste to rid our body of any nasty tastes. (Our exhale can begin to become long and smooth as we feel the bitterness come from the bottom of our gut)

10. We take in a long breath and can now hear how our breath is working through our nose and our airways right into our lungs. (This new air tastes good, feels good and is providing some happy feelings to occur. This feels good, I like it).


Ten little steps to practice and some of the things to say to yourself as you do the breathing exercise as a way to slowly introduce yourself into a small world of meditation.

You can of course repeat steps 1 thru 10 as often as you wish. Probably a 30 minute session could be a maximum on it to begin with. You can do a little less to start off with either, remember there are no absolute right or wrong ways. As you go into some meditation, you can use your inhale to tense up some muscle groups one at a time. As you exhale you can release the tensed up muscle and this way you can have A. your lungs, B. your muscles, C. your emotions & D. your mind all working together in a harmony. This harmony will allow some emotions to flow through you and your mind to become calm and paused.


The universe is reminding us all right now to bring about a calm to our lives.
The universe is reminding us all right now how important our breathing is to LIFE.
The universe will not guide you wrongly, use the time and make the most out of it by practicing your BREATHING.
Remember this virus is making it very difficult for over 2 million people right now to “just breathe”, that they are having a hard time breathing. You are one of the lucky ones and are being given this great opportunity.

FOCUS on your breathing.

You can read all about these such things and a beginners guide to meditation and why it is so important to use tools to help calm our mind in my most recent book,

Layman’s Handbook, in life.cropped-img_20191002_043701.jpg
“simple tools to change how we live”
A Journey to SELF
By Aidan Mc NallyFollower on twitter & Facebook

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