Monday Motivation ~ Life, Family, Love, Work, Money, Sport, Fun

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Monday Motivation ~ Life, Family, Love, Work, Money, Sport, Fun

When we say we “never” want to do something again, it could be anything. We might have made a mistake in our lives, we may have had a bad feeling about another person. We may have just, straight up hated our day. We might utter words, something along these lines

“I promise I will NEVER do __________ again”

It could be anything. We might have lost faith in a person, in God perhaps or we may have plain old simple forgotten something or made a mistake.
Perhaps a deflated statement that we have used somewhere along our path.
They say, “never say never” and for very good reason too.
When we promise ourselves to never do something again and then we might do said item again, we are encouraging our own self to be down or even harder on ourselves than we ever wish to be.
Hence why “they” suggest to “never say never”.


There are many different types of people in the entire world. There are many races of people and many different religious belief systems. To perhaps over indulge the point, there are many different classes of people too. We are all different.
We are all very unique in one little aspect of our being, each one us.
I point this out to highlight a simple factor and to keep in line with the above, we have all said and thought similar things in our lives. Perhaps we have had similar influences and these have led to us conjuring up ideas that we have felt were our own unique ideas. We may have been heavily influenced by a passing fad or the rock music of the time. Even, there exists a chance that we have even felt the same about any random things that have occurred in our lives.

We are all different!

We have had similar thoughts or feelings.


The beauty that lies within each of us, is that, it can take different reasons for each of us, our personal reasons for getting up in the morning. We can all have a similar thought or feeling towards our day and our lives. The question is to ask myself today,

What is my motivation?

What is it that makes you feel your day?

What is it that helps you think through your day?

What motivates you to take on or tackle your day?

These are some real questions and some very worthwhile questions to have buzzing around in our minds. The answer is quite possible to be different for each and every individual. There is also a high probability that we may actually be more alike than we first thought.
Our power, inside of ourselves to succeed is driven by our motivation.
To succeed is not to be confused with some “over achiever” type stuff nor to be confused with the financial successes of any person.
To succeed is a simple thing in each of our lives.

Perhaps you may have never considered that waking up and heading about your day is an absolute success.

By the same token that heading to take a shower in the morning is a massive success.

To feel alive on a Monday morning and to be ready for the day and the week ahead. These are massive successes in our lives.

The beauty of our individuality and the unique way in which we are special (yes, each and every person is special) the beauty of it is that we are often easily categorized or to keep it simple, we may fall in to one of 6 or 7 groups of people where our thoughts actually align. We may be motivated similarly.
There are many different driving forces behind us all.
Though our DNA is different, our finger prints are different, our experiences in life are different, our soul mates are different. We do have similar things in our lives that drive us forward each and every day. Again to ask the question,

What is my motivation?

In the title there are 7 different aspects of what may be our driving force.
Could it be for any one of these that we press on and make many successes in our day? Here, we can list them,

1 *Life?

2 *Family?

3 *Love?

4 *Work?

5 *Money?

6 *Sport?

7 *Fun?

Please by all means, ponder these for a moment.
The defeated or deflated attitude as mentioned above can take on a completely different shape when we consider 1 thru 7.

Our differences as individuals are cast aside when we consider 1 thru 7.

Our uniqueness lies within how we see the driving force of 1 thru 7.


I raise the issue with you to bring about that moment of thought for the day.
A moment to ponder and find the place where our motivation fits.
Although it is not from an Internet post that we get through or accomplish our many simple successes in our day.
A post nonetheless can be that “trigger” , the “spark” to ignite the day we are going to have. The week we are going to have.

Do not be discouraged if you have lost sight of some of your motivation. I encourage you to think for a small little while about where you land between points 1 thru 7.
I encourage you for a simple reason and the reason is this; when I consider all of these points, I find myself moving into a great state of gratitude.
When I find myself in gratitude, I often begin to grin, a smile so to speak.
When I smile, I feel like something good is happening. When something good is happening, I feel successful. When I feel successful, I begin to achieve and accomplish even more of anything that crosses my path within a day.
And so, I encourage you to consider the motivational driving force that can bring you to become a determined and fearless “over achiever”.

I also can totally understand what it is like to not wish to get out of bed in the morning. I can share empathy for any who have lost focus and find even the simple small things in life to be larger obstacles than ever imagined.
Again for these reasons I encourage you to consider 1 thru 7.
When I regain focus or when I realign myself with my driving force, the world makes sense again. A major route to my own content feelings. I like and enjoy and succeed when my alignment is in order. I have a huge preference for being content in my day or my week.


So simple to look at a few words in a blog post and see them listed 1 thru 7 and take a moment to pause, consider where we may be at and all of a sudden any deflated attitudes can slip off into the abyss.

Happy Monday to you all are my wishes for you today.
Take joy in even your smallest success and remind yourself every so often of your own driving forces.
We may actually find that our similarities are very much NOT like our finger prints. We are actually all capable of understanding each other in so many more ways that it is hard to believe how alike we all are, yet so different.

Thank you for reading, as always I ask that you share or retweet my blog post for Monday Motivation.
It is by your sharing that I may reach others and there are times we might not know who needs to read this today. For this I ask of you to share and share again. Help me to help those who could use that gentle boost in their day.

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