2020 ~ the year in review. Oh my, what to do?

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Short read ~ 2020 in review?

2020 in review, now that we are half way through. Not to rhyme on purpose or anything. Though I will take it.
2020 in review (holy shit) we half way thru. Yikes!The entire world has been through the mill and back this poxy year. Holy fricken hell.
No it aint just you.

Virus literally knocking the be jaysus out of the entire world community. What an absolute mess.
Oh, what’s the be jaysus?
It is an Irish way of saying what our British buddies might say like ~
“Good grief my good fellow, he has had the stuffing knocked completely out of him”
We Irish preferred to shorten things a little bit and so when they were teaching us their super language, we decided on a few short cuts. There is a heap of them. And one simple one is to have the “be jaysus” knocked out of you.
Enough with the joking around though.

2020 has been one simple F K C U year for sure. I cannot believe my eyes. What has been going on?
I remember the good people of Iraq years ago when they dragged the Sadam Hussain statue to the ground as a sign of liberation and all.
What has being going on around the world?
Has pandemic lockdown brought about this much IRE?

Viral videos of police brutality.
Political crisis in countries where they are known as the so called “civilised world”.

Riots and tear gas fired right outside the White House lawn in the US.

9 minutes of video to see one man lose his life.
The ultimate when it comes to what we can call “atrocious” or refer to as “absolute disgrace”.

I get it when anyone will post or mention BLM.
I am even shaking my head right now in utter disbelief.
(the trouble is that it is and has all happened)

Here in Ireland where the pandemic has taken it’s toll on many by way of death from the virus.
There are many others just like all of your countries. There are many who will and or have lost their business. Lost their jobs. Lost their freedom to lockdown and cocooning. Lost their minds in the most bizarre year the world has ever known.

It brings great satisfaction to many to hear about reopening.
It brings so much satisfaction that Irish people show how they have become a country that has lost their mind by overcrowding places on their first day of reopening.
The little shop that might never open again though? What about the local town independent fella?

To revisit the riots and the satisfaction it brings to many to hear of how laws are being changed and how changes are happening from the top down. These are probably some of the greatest things to ever happen.
If only it could be world wide and not only in the United States though.

I understand how disastrous and horrific George Floyd’s death has been. One day he was a man walking around and the next day his name was spoken in every corner of the world. Change is happening in law reform policies thanking to his life. I wish he could have known such fame and a life of fortune while living. I think he should be happy right now to see what he has meant to so many around the world.

Around the world though.
The protests could do with some more oomph though.
Maybe it is time to take a look at countries where not only do statues need to be taken down.
Sick, sad, disgusting people need to be taken down too.
There still exist slave trades in the modern world. There are countries right now that have men and women of colour in chains and tied up waiting to be sold as workers.
There are “sweat shops” still in existence.
There exists hatred and murders happen everyday of people and nations due to the colour of their skin or due to their religion.

Would it be possible for this kind of protest type thing to be kept going until the sick individuals of the world are brought to justice?

Who do I refer to?
Would it be possible to rid the Internet and the world of paedophilia?
Would it be possible to protest and march and take down the people who wish to continue the trafficking of slaves, women for prostitution, children for dispicable acts?

2020 a year in review & yet only half way through.

What differences can be made going forward? What difference in life can we make to make better OUR world?

The world belongs to us all.
Carbon emissions, great! This is great how so many wish to take children from school and bring about protests on governments to get serious and responsible about carbon and green energies. I am all for it.

I would ask that perhaps we, the world that is, take a stand against the ruining of children by protecting them from sickos of our world.

Not to protect the protesting child of the developed world. The child who can in luxory or have the luxory to protest carbon emissions.
The child of war torn nations. The child of poverty stricken nations. The child who is starving. The child who has been left foraging for food in the streets to survive in nations that also know great wealth.
The divide of wealth being so uneven that on one hand a fat steak dinner awaits a political representative who has spent all day discussing more exploitation of their people while he is chauffeur driven across the city to a dinner reservation, a child walks bare foot to rummage in a garbage can for scraps of food that may have been left by the industrious lunch break takers. As the politician drives right past

Oh boy, oh boy 2020 if they only knew & yet only half way through.

What of the humans around the world in refugee camps. Human beings who due to war or greed have been driven to severe poverty. They sit and wait for UN to bring sacks of rice and if they are lucky an extra blanket for cold nights.
Do you have a march and a protest planned for these people?

Please, do not get me wrong here. I find myself helpless even in my own immediate city.
The daily rants and oposing political arguments were focused on how over 10 thousand people are homeless and in desperate need of food and shelter.
Somehow the pandemic hit and there went the rag mags of newspapers and their constant efforts of stirring the pot with homeless stories, one after another.

Oh 2020 what a year to review & another half to try and convince you.

The children of the world are the future. These are the facts. Cannot be denied.
All the super law makers and changers of today will be dead and gone by the time a young person of today grows up and becomes one of the law makers and law changers.
Will it be backwards the world will go?
Not possible as it is the future. This is where we are heading so another fact that it cannot go backwards.

For a child to witness their father taken as a slave, not good.

For a child to witness their sister taken as a sex worker, not good.

For a child to witness their mother poor and scared because of their skin colour, not good.

For a child to witness their governments do little to protect the planet, not good.

For a child to witness working for a day to earn a dollar, not good.

For a child to witness waiting for a sandwich bag to be thrown in the garbage so they might eat. Not good.

For a child to witness abuse of any kind. ANY KIND. Not good.

For a child to witness pain, hunger, hatred. Not good.

I hope that when we, all of us go about our days that we can be so involved in protest that we can find a way. That we can find a way to bring an end to slavery of any kind. That we can bring an end to explotation of children. That we can find a way to help our planet breathe for the future of the children. That we can find a way to no longer remain silent about the exploitation of children in any country.
That we can spend our filthy money on the young who need. The young who are starving in refugee camps. That it can spent to rescue the young who are being trafficked.

Yup that is the 2020 in review alright.
In review to tell you of all that you must still do.

What will take up the mainstream media next? The political debates?
The forming of governments?
The brexit debacle?
The blame game of China for the pandemic?
You wanna do something about China. Stop slavery there. Stop exploitation of the children there.

Perhaps it would be better of me to provide to you some links and back up my claims with specifics. I prefer to leave you troll away the Web and find these things out for yourself. (I dare not promote such links)
Be it Syria, be it Palestine, be it China, be it Venezuela, be it Nigeria, be it Libya, be it Ghana, be it Japan, be it Russia, be it Belgium, be it France, be it United States, be it United Kingdom, be it Colombia, be it India, be it Ireland, be it Holland.
The list goes on and on.

2020 in review the year where the children get the same F U.

The virus still exists. Though it has been the 6 month long talking point. It came to us new and closed and crippled the world.
George Floyd has not died in vain. Changes are being made.
The children of the world of all races are still a mute point.
One might bring about an argument that the powers that be are so sick and twisted that they enjoy the paedophilia and so the trafficking will never end.

You wanna do some good for the remainder of this 2020. You make a difference.
Protest the use of children in the work place.
Close down the sex traffickers.
Close down the child exploitation.

Protest the harm that is continued upon refugee children.
Protest the harm that is being experienced by children.
Protest the same offices that you protest for BLM.
Protest the world head figures and their salaries and make a change to a child’s life today.

These children are the doctors and nurses of the future who you will want running to work the day you get the virus.

Protest the killings and the maiming and the horrible acts.
Protest, for they do not know why or how.

Oh yeah 2020 might be half way thru. Coming out of lockdown you have a whole lot more work to do.


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