Monday Motivation ~ You are worth more than you know

I have asked you what is it that you know about yourself. I wish for to understand that for the entire degree by which you know yourself, your worth is greater than even that.

You may say something like, “oh yeah, big deal. I am worth a whole bunch. Big deal”
This is a big deal. This is a very big deal.

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Monday Motivation ~ You are worth more than you know

Writing a blog piece is not an easy event at all. Though there is a certain model I aim to stick to, sometimes I may wander a little.
Of course keeping you interested is an important piece of the whole thing.
How can this be achieved?
By sticking to the model.
1. Introduce the topic.
2. Give you my reasons for choosing the topic or opinion piece.
3. Ask you to consider the topic.
4. Repeat my own reasoning of the topic.
5. Encourage you to remain in a stage of focus on the main headline / topic.
6. Bring about some easy, understandable way in which you can see the why.
7. Wish you well and ask that you share and click some links.
That would be the simple format to follow for a blog piece.
Unfortunately it may not always be achieved. And of course, to stay on topic.
So what do you know?
How much about you do you actually know?
Interesting point to ponder for a moment.
Is it possible that you know yourself very well?
Like, in the way in how you think or even like in the way in how you feel one thing or another.
Do you really know yourself?
The subject line has been for your “Motivation” this “Monday”
I wish to motivate you in your daily life.
I wish to offer to you concepts and simple tools to bring about a powerful feeling about yourself.
I wish to offer to you a little piece of where I am coming from and I wish to show to you how many things are very possible for yourself. I refer to these things as “tools”
Somebody decided that the week must begin anew on Monday. Quite often many people drag themselves to work on a Monday. For these kinds of reasons it has become a popular hashtag to use on a Monday. Post something motivational.
Works wonders when someone finds themselves lacking in motivation and they stumble upon a post like this one.
So for me the task is, what about those who find they have no need for motivating?
The people who are operating just fine.
The people who have it all together.
I write this for all of the people, those needing motivating & those not needing motivation. There are many paths to achieving and succeeding.
Why so? I hear you ask.
Back to the subject line.
“Monday Motivation ~ You are worth more than you know”.
I have asked you what is it that you know about yourself. I wish for to understand that for the entire degree by which you know yourself, your worth is greater than even that.
You may say something like, “oh yeah, big deal. I am worth a whole bunch. Big deal”
This is a big deal. This is a very big deal.
Many of us have trouble or we may even struggle with knowing ourselves.
There are many of us who are not sure why we think certain ways and there are many of us who are never quite certain why we get one feeling or another.
We never wish to run for therapy just because we have a little uncertainty in our lives about ourselves.
We may often just pass it off as a passing thought or a moment of lapse in our concentration. Again all of these are fine too.
(The bit where I tell you a little about myself)
I was once a very happy go lucky fellow and on many an occasion I have been accused of not giving a flying ****.
I have been accused of having hidden agendas and of being a selfish individual. I have been accused about a whole ton of other stuff too.
The best piece of it all has been that I have never allowed any such accusations define me.
In my own life I have endured some horrific emotional pains.
Like what? You may wonder.
The nuts and bolts of the deeper types of personal hurt and anguish have been brought about by my own loss and grieving.
The processes in which I have found myself.
What are the details of or the levels of hurt that we are talking about?
Imagine level 10 on your worst nightmares.
Imagine the pains that we all like to avoid or never wish to occur. Emotional hurt, pain and trauma.
I have encountered such stuff in my life. The degree in which I have encountered such has been so that I thought I had completely lost my mind.
I thought I would never mend or never again be sane.
What can bring me or you or any person to such a place?
Another great question.
Many of you know of my “story”. Many of you cannot fully understand it though you are aware that something tragic has occurred in my life.
Not to keep you in any great amount of suspense or anything like that.
When I was 35 years young. I received a phone call to tell me that my first born son, named Darra, had died. He at that time was 3~4 weeks into his 15th year of life.
He had never been ill or anything like that. He was not involved in some horrible accident. He went to sleep on a Sunday night and he did not wake up for school the following Monday morning. It is called “Sudden adult death syndrome” SADS for short.
This type of news, this type of occurrence is something that runs you over like a freight train. The pieces of yourself become scattered into a million places.
Grief and grieving were all new to me and they began with a bang. Been going on ever since tbh.
When I was 38, some 2 and half years later, my second born son, named Patrick. He found his way to a swimming pool at 5 am on a Sunday morning and drowned. I performed mouth to mouth resuscitation on him. It did not work.
Patrick was 1 year and 4 months old at the time.
I was a grieving father at the time WHEN Patrick drowned.
Then I became a doubled up type of person. Sometimes we hear about someone being doubled over with pain. As in, they are severely bent over due to pain in their gut.
At that time I was doubled over with pain on a double level.
Darra & Patrick both gone from my life. Gone from the earth. Gone forever.

I rewrite these points today for two reasons.
1. ~  I wish to share with you a snippet of an idea of what type of pain I have encountered.
2.  ~ I wish to share their names with you. An old, old saying went something like this “They are never dead and gone as long as someone speaks their name”
So I write about them to allow you to speak their names.

(wandering again)

With all this grief and emotional pain, traumatic experiences of losing my sons, I was faced with life.
Just like you every day. It does not ever have to be specifically a Monday.
With all the pain encountered by me in these two very unique situations, I really thought life was over for me.
I found it very hard to see something of a future.
I have learned quite an amount of good sense and wisdom in the days that have passed since.
I have also still been the same old me.
The same old me with a twist though. Now I am a person who has had to reinvent myself three or four different times in life.
I have had to scrape myself up off the floor in a spiritual way, an emotional way & in a mental way.
(can I be accused of all the same selfishness and not giving a **** as before? Absolutely)
The little differences now are that I have had to teach myself how precious life is. Of course from the experiences of losing my sons, I learned about how precious life is.

I have learned and seen life through some very clear lenses since.
I had options through out my time grieving my children.
I am very proud to share with you that I have very recently completed my 5th book. I have made improvements to my author website and I have completed a stage play script. (don’t worry auditioning calls will be announced lol)

Ya see, writing is something I turned to, something to help me make sense of my own life. This has resulted in two, yes 2 memoirs.
You can look them up on amazon if you would like to read more about my life. And these books will give you a clearer idea of why I know I am well qualified to write this post to you today.
TWO sons TOO many, memoir.
17 and Life, memoir.
Both of these are available on amazon and you can copy and paste the titles into your browser and you should find some articles about them from around the Web.
My 4th book written is a book where I wished to share some tools with anyone who may need a little boost or helping hand.
Layman’s Handbook, self help book.
I shared 27 chapters of some of the simple tools I found along my own journey. I wanted to use my own experiences to shed a light for any who have found themselves in dark places.

So back to you.
You will see that from my first two memoirs how I arrived at a place where it only made sense to share some of my own findings in an easy to read book of self help, self care, self love in layman’s Handbook. After all I am merely a layman in life. I wrote it for all out there who are just like me.

Through my learning in what emotional pains are. What it is like to absolutely lose one’s mind and struggle to maintain sanity. I understand what many people actually go through.
I understand what it is like to convince oneself of something, anything for that matter.
I understand what it is like to run away from emotions.
I understand what it is like not to have any answers and feel like a failure.
I felt like a complete failure as a father.
I understand how the mind can play tricks on us and I understand fully what it is like to feel down, worthless or having a serious lack of motivation for life.

Oh, now we are really discussing stuff alright.
Yup the real and the raw of life and how we may feel about it.
It can be very tiring. Consumes us. We can allow other people to consume us. We can tire from simple chores. We can become frustrated with everything and everybody.
I am here writing to you today to let you know that when there seems to be nowhere left to turn. Nowhere left to search for answers. The answers lie within yourself.
Taking a little moment to realign your own day can bring about almost miraculous results.
“You are worth more than you know” .

You have inside of you the will & the ability to make your world become a winning one. You possess the ability to turn your ship around and begin to succeed in your daily life.
It does not have to be all major big stuff to start with. There does not have to be any dramatic big changes or anything major. Tiny little changes can mean the world to someone like me or you when things are dim and very down.
Inside of yourself, you have heard said over the years. You have seen with your own eyes and you have witnessed others who have crawled up & out from some very deep places and got on with it.
The strength you desire to continue and keep on batting are within you.
I have experienced it first hand inside of myself.
You too are human just like me and you possess these inside of what you already know.
“You are worth more than you know”
You are your very own Mr. Or Mrs motivator. You have the strength.
Sometimes all you need is a little understanding (maybe even a nudge).
Yes I knew exactly why I was feeling down. I miss my sons.
For you, you do not need to have the trauma or the deaths of offspring to bring about a clear understanding that life can be made very achievable.
You can take my word for it.

There are many strategies to winning in work life. There are many strategies for winning in home life.
There are many ways in which to feel alive and well in our own lives.
If I can suffer such loss and write to you today about my books and my writing, about which I am very proud. Then you also can achieve great things.
If I can lose my two sons and find a path to write to you to encourage you to live and motivate your life.
Then so can you.
I may have had to dig a little deeper inside of myself due to the circumstances I found myself in. And you may have to dig even deeper than me.

Your life is worth so much.
You are worth more than you know.
If you would like to know more and about some of my travels around the world and adventures then please do grab a copy of either TWO sons TOO many Or 17 & Life.
If you would like to know of my project of grief then you can check out
My grief the last 3 years.
If you would like some more motivational tools and to find simple ways to begin to claw back your own motivations and confidence in becoming a massive success, then by all means grab a copy of Layman’s Handbook TODAY.
Enjoy your week and get motivated this Monday to take on life and let’s laugh at it together some day.
Be sure to press share wherever you find this post. Thank you.
Somebody out there needs to read this today.
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Peace out.

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