Friday Feeling ~ To Mask or Not to Mask?

To Mask or not to Mask? Corona virus is here and it is high time we all decided to practice “safe living”.

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Friday feeling ~ To Mask or not to Mask?

The corona virus is still out there and among us. There really seems to be “No end in sight”. What a mess indeed.


A lot of material can be taken from how people seem to say what they have heard on a news broadcast or read from the Internet. All kinds of conflicting viewpoints.
This kind of thing has been happening since day 1 of the pandemic.


Now that complacency has really kicked in, it does appear that many are calling for how it will not be gone for possibly years.
I even read an article that began to say how the virus was worse than HIV. HIV having had a whole bunch of years study done on it and that the corona virus may be, worse!


For this exact reason I began to wonder again about the corona virus. Complacemcy or renegade type attitude kicked in with myself too. I noticed myself not using the mask as much anymore. I noticed myself washing my hands less often, I remind myself several times. The fact I do not know of any individual directly in or around me that has the virus or has had the virus. Perhaps it is a reason for my own stupidity. During this past week, I promised myself to get back to where I was in my mindset at the beginning of the pandemic and take every precaution.


I began to wonder and in a conversation with a friend recently about the mask issue I found myself making a comparison or a likeness to an STD. Perhaps the article I had read about the virus having the potential to be worse than HIV, maybe this is what has brought around my process of thought.


Should you wear a mask all of the time when out in public?


2 points to consider.


(1) To not wear a mask may increase your risk of getting the corona virus.


(2) To wear a mask may increase your chance of NOT getting the corona virus.


Here lies the likeness to an STD & not necessarily HIV though.


Condoms exist to reduce the risk of catching diseases while engaging in sexual activities.
Any person who has ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease has for sure wished they had used a condom. Quite simple really.
People who practice “safe sex” have always used condoms. Again, quite simple really.




If you do not care if you catch the corona virus, then you will continue to proceed without ever wearing a mask when in public locations like shops or supermarkets.


Just like the unprotected sex, you do not care if you catch it. An attitude of “if I catch it, I catch it”.


Should you be a person who believes in “safe sex” and would always use condoms, then it stands to reason you should wear a mask.


Perhaps we can replace or switch around the wording a little bit.
Practice safe sex? Use a condom!


Let us begin to think of it in the same way.


Want to start trying to practice “safe living”?
Then wear a mask.
How much more simple does the concept of wearing a mask have to be.


There have always been those who have not used condoms and they have continued the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
There will be those who do not wish to use a mask. They will catch the disease and they will spread the disease.


I do not have exact figures so I am guessing to emphasis the example.
0% – 100% this is the scale I will use.


Wear a mask 80% protection posibilty.
Not wear a mask 20% protection posibilty.


Which would you really choose?


Do you have a desire to contract an STD?
Do you have a desire to contract the corona virus?


Then why not begin and use the hashtag and slogan of


Let’s practice SAFE LIVING.


Quite simple really, isn’t it?


Your thoughts on the subject of masks greatly appreciated. Share your opinion piece in your comments below.


Do not worry I will not judge you for never using a condom (filthy fecker 🤣🤣)


Post your comment. Share the post where ever you find it and Enjoy responsibly SAFE LIVING.



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