Socks in different colours ~ Why so?

What colour sock do you choose?


As in the picture atrached to this post, socks come in many different colours. Why so?

Why can we not all wear blue socks? I have no fond love of the colour blue, it is just a random selection as an example. I prefer black socks myself. Then again, I am not too bothered as long as they provide me maximum comfort and a little bit of central heating along the way.

So the multicolour range of socks available are for the simple reason of how one colour may not aopeal to me as much as it appeals to you. When I say you, obviously you the reader right now. Have a look over your shoulder just in case I mean a different you or a person behind you. 😊

Imagine this whole concept, socks come in a variety of colours (beginning to sound like a socks salesman). The variety of colours, like I mean think about it. Manufacturers and designers work hard to provide a multitude of colours in a range of socks. What a business to be in. So why all the colours?

Yes, again, because not everything that appeals to you will appeal to me and vice versa. This concept is worth a thought today. Though we probably never give much thought to the range of colours available in socks. The reason to give it some thought today is to gain a snippet of understanding about how we all see things a little differently. If we can understand how another person may not find the colour of my socks appealing. Then for this reason we may scratch the surface of beginning to understand that other people may not have my same taste in music, food, art, politics, wear a mask or not wear a mask…. The list goes on and on.

Why even use socks to explain?

Socks are for me this item that I do not give much thought to. My main concerns when buying socks are, 1. Are they comfortable and 2.will they fit. I could very easily buy some very hideous looking things altogether. Though, if I am comfortable in them (and they feel good) I am not too concerned about the colour, nor do I think any other person would really care about the colour of my socks either. Again a simple area of life that we do not spend a lot of time thinking about. Usually, get up & get dressed, put the socks on and then shoes and away we go. No massive drama, no massive self consciousness, no hassle.

Now, talk about politics, some of us out there can lose our minds when we meet up with or engage with on social media somebody with a different political opinion. We bash on people, we hate on people and argue with people all over a political opinion or point of view. Though we could not give “two hoots” what colour are their socks. Novody even sees our socks much to comment on them, perhaps because they are hidden under a shoe is a reason we have not had any huge amount of focus on each tohers socks. Yet when we choose a pair to wear we do pause a second or two to look at them and we spend another second or two when buyiing them.

There have been times in our history when socks and their colour were a political statement. A pair of loafers and white socks were a political statement . A pair of docs and some red socks and you were not to be messed with at all. However in today’s world we do seem a little too sensitive to each others opinions and mostly political views. Understand that the colour of your socks is something that is appealing to you, your socks are a personal choice and you feel fine with your choice. I have never nor have I seen anyone else walk into a room and hoist up a trouser leg and seek approval for their sock choice. Nobody would give a toss anyway.

If we can be so nonchalant about socks and their colours, how come we cannot be the same when it comes to politics? Perhaps because your sock choice has no bearing on my life and your political choice may have a severe effect over my life, based upon which political party may enter office becaise of your vote.

Youe choice in sock colour may change over the years as you age and mature, along with which also, your political choices change too. As we drift from the radical pink, orange and purple coloured socks to the more toned down wine and darker greens do we tone done our politics too?

I gotta figure that I might begin to seek out the sock colour choices by viewing or starring ar other people’s feet from now on. I want to know how are we in these political messes all around the globe. I want to know what the heck has gone on and how did things ever come to where we are at now in 2021?

Will socks and their colours help me figure this out?

I ask of you all to consider that people’s choices are their own. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another. This my friends is the reason that socks come in many different colours.

Comment below please…

Oh yeah and check out this link for some more reading, Thanks.


3 comments on “Socks in different colours ~ Why so?”

  1. personally I like mine to be snazzy colours and I do like it when I see bright colour socks, particularly underneath less remarkable (dull) attire. Anyway – tolerance! That’s the word that jumped out – one that is surfacing much in my piece of writing I can’t finish today… Thanks for the thoughts, Aidan


  2. My god,i wonder what goes through your mind to come up with these comparison. But food for taught. We all have our own opinion


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