Ireland sleeping soundly in the rain ~how nice.

What do we notice when we wake? Do we remain asleep?

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Many people over time have said to me how they love to sleep when the rain and wind is howling outside. They tend to feel more comfortable when they hear the noise the rain makes on the roof or pelting off of their windows. Something makes their warm bed seem so much more enjoyable. They sleep better they say.
I find it incredulous, “incredulous” now there’s a word for ya…. Let’s leave incredulous for another day.

Ireland you sleep so soundly,
one can make a case for or use this idea of how it is a little easier to sleep when it is cold. Something about the heavy rains make sleep much more enjoyable. This then has me thinking again. Oh boy he is off “thinking” again. Yup and you may love what I have dreamed up this time or you may not. Either way, share the Post entry. Share the blog post and let others make up their own minds. Thanks.

Ireland you sleep so soundly.
Currently in Ireland, yes you are right in thinking how everyone must sleep so well as it is indeed a very cold country though not a snowy place. Rains are more the deal here in the emerald Isle. So with all the wind and rain. Many must sleep so soundly. You are correct in this train of thought. The sleeping soundly thought that I refer to is more of the “closed mind” kind. The metaphor of using the word sleep to represent perhaps the more “oblivious” nature in which life seems to be occurring.

I think or come to think about occurances in my own life and not something I can make up or try and sound cool because of what I did or what I saw. My experiences have lead me into thinking deeply on more than one occasion. Here is where I can share with you some of how I see it. I wish to awaken your own mind to some of how my perspective came about.
Ireland you sleep so soundly whilst thousands are without a home to call their own. Not one or two; thousands are without their own home. This is what is known as a “homeless CRISIS”, if one were to ask me about it. CRISIS usually is good cause for EMERGENCY action from its government. No such emergency plan seems to be taking place. Emergency meaning a call for immediate action. The remaining 4 million Irish people who are not homeless, perhaps could consider demanding immediate action from their representatives. Please be reminded that our great country is a place where for decades we collected for all kinds of charities for other countries and sent money to foreign lands to help the starving and poor. Trocaire being the greatest of them all. The Irish people under good old Catholic influence raised all kinds of monies to help the missions in other countries. Somehow now the people of Ireland have been calloused and give less and could not care for the ones in the streets as they sleep soundly listening to the rains on their windows. Could this make one’s blood boil?

Ireland sleeps so soundly, hmmmmmm!
I have been attending several different medical clinics and hospitals for a variety of different reasons and I guess probably as it is the case as getting older some things in health need a little more care.
I had the beauty or beautiful experience of needing to receive some attention because I was fainting for no reason. Collapsing they call it. Anyways enough about me. Even though I was losing consciousness for no reason, I found myself in the nice uncomfortable chairs of a hospital waiting room. Ah yes, what happened next?
The day led into evening and then to night quite quickly. I sat and became familiar with the people seated in the various rows. I heard a bang from over my left shoulder, I could not place the noise. I thought I knew what it was, a distinct noise. I scanned the room and noticed one man missing, the bathrooms were to my left over my left shoulder and then it clicked with me where and what the bang may have been. I scanned the waiting room and noticed an older gentleman who had been seated a few rows ahead of me, he was not there. I stood up and asked out loud “where did that old man go” a flash had come to my mind of seeing him out of the corner of my eye shuffling his way to the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom where the man was laying on the floor, a vacant stare and gasping his last few breaths. I shouted out from the bathroom doors demanding nurses and doctors to come quickly.
A nurse came and as I was holding his hand speaking to him loudly “hang in there man it is going to be alright, the nurses are coming” that is all I could think of. He was dying. The level of panic amongst the staff began to escalate and they brought a trolley and whisked him off. I have been around dead and dying people before. He didn’t even squeeze my hand back, he just slipped away. When my turn came to be called for attention, I asked the triage nurse “what of the elderly man who passed out in the bathroom?” she told me that it is private and she cannot tell me what happened with him….
This is a problem in the hospitals of our beautiful country. Long waiting lists and no immediate care for the sick and elderly.
While the rain is pissing down and the wind howling tonight, rest assured there are many wish for their own bed and not the horrid plastic chairs of a hospital waiting room.
Ireland you sleep so soundly, while your brothers and sisters sit hoping to be seen by a doctor.

Ireland you sleep soundly while the wind howls outside.
A friend, who has been sent to jail for speaking out against the scam that is “child protective services”. A family law court has a rule of keeping the proceedings private to protect the child in question, this is her crime. She attempted to make public and expose the situation and for all the right reasons. She is a mother who wants her child back and all kinds of barriers have been put up in front of her. The so called child protection services have introduced and now have made criminal the mother because of her disobedience of a gag order from the court. What could anyone expect a mother to do but only fight tooth and nail for her child back. The child protection services have created, no let me rephrase that. They are an absolute monster now and have the full arm of the law supporting them by keeping parents quiet about speaking out of all the abuses and outright disgusting things happening to our children of Ireland behind closed doors. The family law Court and a judge have began to take the proceedings more personal and are in full abuse of their own position of power by trying to silence this woman. She now has “jail time” to her name. The courts have not sought to reunify the family. Keeping in mind Ireland is signed to international treaties to uphold and wherever possible to push for “reunification of family”. Not in this lady’s case. Yes the woman has been quite outspoken. What she is uncovering is major corruption and appalling counts of abuse to children and parents alike from the so called protective services. Perhaps tomorrow when you wake you will have wished that you called for this judges head on a plate?

Oh Ireland you sleep so soundly.
Ah yes you are beginning to see the metaphor of how sleeping soundly is keeping your own mind numb to these items and as long as it doesn’t affect you well then it must not be going on, right?
Ah yes the news reports all day long about mis spending from our political offices and the raping that is taking places of funds in our country by the elected officials. Expense accounts of politicians, claims of travel expenses, government officials clocking in and out just to get another big payout of one kind or another. It has also been reoorted of how An Garda have been signed in and on payroll for on duty” in two diffetent locations at the same time. Laughable? Yes. Funny? No.

Ah but once Ireland keeps on sleeping soundly then the church can have its way. Such influence by a Catholic organisation that, need I remind you has been responsible for some of the most horrific child sex abuse ever known to mankind. And there go the good old catholics of Ireland running to mass each week and support such an establishment. How long will you sleep?

Accountability of government will never be demanded as long as you stay sleeping. Your government will continue to rob the coffers and confuse you with nonsense while the country slips quietly into 3rd world rankings. Only recently it was not possible to provide safe drinking water for the public. Like come on, are ya serious?
I like the thought of rebellion, I love the concept of revolution. Seriously though? It only takes a little time away from your “sleepy time” to notice what is going on around you and begin to change your country for the better.
Let’s begin to question and demand answers of each and every corner of the society that we each belong to. Begin to seek remedy to problems. Nope, not the temporary fix of a pothole, nope not a temporary rest from hearing about brexit every single day.

Ah Ireland you sleep so soundly.

Yes the connection between sleeping soundly and the cold is something we can make match as it is often cold and windy in Ireland and many sleep quite well. The cold in this instance are the hearts of the Irish people as they are growing colder by the day, the sleep the Irish are enjoying is the unknowing, misunderstandings, the ignoring nature in which it is all being ALLOWED to happen.

We Irish as a nation recognize the mistreated, we sent a ship with goods to the Gaza strip of Palestine when Israel placed a blockade around the poor Palestinians. We cannot help our homeless? We cannot help an Irish person who is to the point of dying in our hospital waiting rooms. We the great people of Ireland have nothing to say about a woman been thrown in jail to make an example of her as to why one should not/never speak out against a judge or the current system that is in place?

Ahh but an English system of the Nottingham sheriff equivalent can come knocking at your door. Demanding the payment of taxes and bill you even more. To pay for such things as a stupid printer in our government while the country slips slowly and steadily towards 3rd world status. Come on people, sometime in your life you must just wake up a little. Leave the sleep for another day.

Please do not tell me that you sleep soundly hearing the rain. Please do not tell me you are sleeping soundly while the young, the special needs community or the elderly are in receipt of little to no help and abuse continues to run rampant. Ireland you should be sleepless out of guilty conscientious moral upstanding. I am one who is appalled and believe every other of the 4 and half whatever million should be too.
Leave a comment and tell your horrible story of what is oh so wrong.
Leave a comment of where you need the help and are not receiving it.
Leave a comment of how you today are so proud to be Irish as we sleep and listen to the rain.
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