17 & Life, memoir ~ Crossroads?

What or where do our choices and decisions bring us?

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I am always writing posts and tweeting about TWO sons TOO many, fair enough as it has been my debut book ~ Memoir, that has been a huge life story.
It is only fair that I share a little insight into memoir number 2.
17 & Life, memoir. Subtitled “A major crossroads or just a simple intersection?”.
It does not really matter at what age in life that you come upon a crossroads, what time in your own life you must make a decision. The question really becomes, do all of our decisions make an impact or have a huge impact on how the rest of our life will go?
I was 17 when such a decision making time occurred for me. You may have been younger or much older.

I guess and to be honest, in writing 17 & Life I wanted to ask questions. I wanted you to ask yourself questions too. 17 being a year that I found a weird one, a life changing one though too. Weird because it seemed like after the sweet sixteen year is over, there is no more childhood left for us and all the while we are not quite considered adult yet. We must be 18 to vote and drive for example, while at only 17 we are not yet permitted anything, though, we must act as if we are adult. We must make our own grown up choices and still cannot have full legal responsibility for nothing. I found it is definitely a year of twilight zone stuff. Just stuck there not being an adult yet and not being a kid anymore either.

Our decisions and choices are not always as simple as an intersection. When we stop at a red light at an intersection we have about 1 and a half minutes to decide are we going straight, turning left or right? Chances are we needed to know this before approaching the intersection so that we could get in our proper lane. If we turn left what might await us down that way? Same goes for straight ahead and if we turn right. Can we ever know what may alter the course of our lives?

17 & Life takes a look at some or these things for a teenager, as that was the year for me that some major choices and changes needed to be made. I do understand that the actual age is not as important as finding ourselves in life faced with dilemmas.

When I was 17 I had been building up to my crossroads for a few years. Paving the way, one might argue.
If you are a parent of a teenager reading this right now, I do suggest giving this memoir a read and make a decision yourself whether your own teenager may be ready for some of what were my own realities during my teenage years. Sex, drugs & alcohol among many other innocent moments. A coming of age type memoir that really was as it happened for me and how I had been preparing / prepared for adult decisions when I met my major crossroads.

17 & Life, by Aidan Mc Nally. Memoir.
You can find it on amazon in paperback and kindle format.
When you do give this book a shot, please do leave a review. A one liner or a little more are all totally fine. It is the review that counts, not whether you gave it loads of stars or little stars.
It has been classed as 5 star reading thus far and I would love for a few more of you to check it out.

Have a great weekend and thanks for keeping up to date with me.
Don’t forget now.
17 & Life by Aidan Mc Nally, memoir.

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