Book birthday ~ 5 years in.

Book birthday today june 1st. Wanna know why today?

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To many others that reads june 1st 2016. The day that TWO sons TOO many, my debut memoir was released into the world.
Wow, what a 5 years it has been.
I can proudly boast that my books have received 5 star reviews, something I never even imagined to happen when I first set out writing.
Definitely super grateful to all of you out there that have taken the time to, purchase ~ read & review my work in books.

From my debut memoir TWO sons TOO many to now 5 books written.
5 years on ~ 5 books written ~ 5 star reviews

TWO sons TOO many had to be written. I needed it and I was encouraged that there are many other people just like me that need it too.
I cannot change my life and the events that have occurred. What I can do is change how I look at them, I can change how I allow these influence my life today.
I encourage you to seek out the memoir TWO sons TOO many and have a read.
It is one of those books that will hold on to you all the way through. Many have told me that they felt like they had been at the movies after they finished and they wanted more. There have also been those who told me that they had some very big “CRY” moments through the memoir. They did however tell me they were super cool with that though as they laughed quite hard in many other places too.
My debut memoir has served as a motivational tool for some readers over the past 5 years and it is this that I continue to write for. I aspire to inspire you with my life story. When I got my first review ever and a little feedback. This is when the journey of writing and the virtuous cycle really began. I received a thank you for sharing my story, all the while I was also feeling very thankful to the person telling me thanks. A virtuous cycle in life is a beautiful place to find oneself.

Grab a copy of TWO sons TOO many today for yourself and find that appreciation for life.
Today is the day.
June 1st 2016.
A little hint of why.
June 1st is written in Ireland and UK as 1/6/16. I know states side it would be written 6/1/16.
1/6 was more significant for me though. My son Darra was born on the 16th so I wanted to use that date specifically. That way the date would have 2 sixteens in it. 1/6/16.
And that is why today is TWO sons TOO many book birthday on 1/6

Find TWO sons TOO many on amazon in paperback and ebook for kindle, ready to download right now.

Thanks for reading all of my work over the years. Thank you for all of your support to my writing.
Follow on social media @TWOsonsTOOmany insta @2sons2many
Share this post wherever you find it.
Thank you.

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