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Russia, who is not talking about this country these days, right?

1st, I feel it is important to express my deepest sympathies and encouragement to all of the people of the Ukraine. The civilians in the streets fighting for their freedom to continue a free democratic nation, to the bravest miltary the world has seen since the young men who stormed the beaches of Normandy. To the president and all his political cabinet and to all those who found themselves in refugee status this past week.

A pause for all of the Ukraine citizens, to mark our respect for them all, individually and collectively.

Let’s discuss some world happenings over the past few years. You can Google or research what I mention in this post below.
2014 / 2015 / 2016
Rusians war with Ukraine over the southeast of their country. Nobody took notice.
Russians take practice of miltary exercises to a new level in Syria. Nobody took much notice.
All the while the EU was starting to panic over the “brexit” situation. A true sideshow.
How and ever the EU presidency said no to british troops taking part in assisting US troops in Iraq. The british went in anyways. Was not their best move how and ever the result became a vote and referendum to remove themselves from the EUROPEAN UNION via brexit.

My view of brexit has always been that when war occurs they, the British will not have to ask permission from any body such as the EU to engage.
Politically, the United Kingdom went through leaders like they wete yruly and literally going out of fashion. Seriously though that lady May sure did seem lile Montgomery Burns twin sister.
Bottom line they got out of the union and have been set free to engage in any war as they see fit from point of brexit forward.

The Rusians engaged in heavy internet tactics to help former president Trum to become elected as United states president. Another sideshow.
I received a direct message from twitter after the elections were over that my ywitter account had been identified as having been contacted by a Russian known account involved in spamming for the US election campaigns.

President Obama made a new friendship oact with Cuba, do you all remember the time when this occured? Yup Obama went there and shook hands and all the other good press op stuff. A new fri3ndship with the US had been created. Fid you also know that at the same week when Obama was making friends with Cuba, Russia decided to donate fighter planes to Nicaragua. Strange move right? The fighter planes were 2 in total, the reason they qete donated was to assist Nicaragua in monitoring drug trafficking throughout their entire country.
Wait a miniute though, All those narcotics are heading for the United States. Why on earth would Russia care about this?
One only needs 1 plane to train pilots and engineers. Although 2 planes would be more than sufficient to train envineers and lear what infrastructure might be need to support sich planes on any given day that Russia might need such support.
When Putin was losing Cuba, immediately planes, war planes are sent to Nicaragua… Yup close enough for refuelling. Look it up, you do not have take my word for it.
Yes these things wete taking place while sideshows began to run like, “Make America Great”.
Russia in Syria, the British in Syria, the US in Syria. Everyone trying to be oh so helpful to the Syrian people through their own justifications.

Of course we must not forget that while the might Putin had been hard at work planning, the Chinese were also hard at work building man made islands off of their own coast.
You may remember there were continuing riots in Hong Kong against the communist government. A lityls sife show of their own while they continued building these off shore isalnds. The international community got confused because these waters were 800 miles off the Chinese shore. China claimed it to be their own waters and continued building. US navy ships patrolled up and down watching in observation wondering what on earth are the Chinese up to? These man made islands, yup you guessed it, long enough and wide enough to allow for miltary planes to land and refuel. Would save them, the Chinese a 1,600 mile trip for plane refuelling, should they ever need to. Why on earth would they need that?

So Trump got in and the best way to keep focus off of China Island building and Russian friendships with Nicaragua was simple. Lets create another sideshow, along came Polly. Yes, North Korea and Trump. No need to focus on what is Putin doing? What are the Chinese doing? What are the Nicaraguans doing?

Never mind what might have been going on with Iran ~ Israel ~ China on money fronts.

Now we jump forward and we see center stage failed brexit talks and discussions. Delayed brexit etc etc.

Ahh yes the financial markets. What great growth was seen through Trump’s time. Then in December of 2021 we see big stakes of sell offs in many ot the big companies. Blocks or chunks of sales. Russian money pulled out ahead or time.
Growth of bitcoin ~ untraceable funds to a point, another big sell off prior to Putins invasion of Ukraine. I believe we can call it an “illegal” invasion. Though war crime is not the same as street crime cause we have been seeing the crime happen and nobody is ready to apprenhend the criminal.
I do believe at this time it is fair to say that Putin is deserving of a Bin Laden type apprehension.

Anyway let’s get back to knowing that the UK succeeded in brexit.
Russia know Trump will never win again.
China has their Islands built.
Cuba russian connections weakening.
Nicaragua have Russian fighter planes to work with…..
Key the perfect time for the next sideshow.
“Hey China, what could be potentially a lethal disease that would throw the west into disarray?”
“Yeah feck it, release that covid stuff”, “Trump is done and we don’t need him any more, let’s rank up the messing”.

Putin wants the soviet union back, this time no iron curtain, a world power. Oil and gas rich, lets make more money they say.

The US and the UN are not totally afraid of Putin. The US military alongwide the UK military and the UN troops coule bring Putin to a halt within about 60 seconds. Yes that simple. Fighter jets and accurate missiles would take out Putins war effort in 60 seconds or less. They are just not aure what the result could be. The Chinese to take ownership of US over money debts. Launch retaliation attacks? Nicaragua to be a refuelling station for Russian and Chinese alike as they fly in and around the Americas with trained engineers on hand.

All this time you thought investing in Amazon and bitcoin and google were all genius moves.
Only a short time ago during covid, oil was being given away and as cheap as it had ever been. Oh look a war effort and it is back at the highest ever.

A funny thing to note is these attacks always come when a democratic president is in office in the Whitehouse. An attacking offensive move comes when the Republicans are in the office. Funny or strange really.

No more Trump and no more covid then what.
Let’s tease war on thw whole world. Push oil prices higher and get more money in our bank afyer selling out our tech stocks and start heavily buying up oil.

The signs are always there, they present themselves. All you have to do is follow them if you want to make money. Do you really want to make money though? While venezuelans are starving and rioting for their survival. Russians live a controlled life. Chinese live a controlled life. And Ukranians must suffer futile deaths and loss of freedom….

I feel confident that the military of the United States has considered all angles and are ready when the time is right. The UK too, a well oiled war machine.
Putin could be taken out and screw any martyr shit.
Put an end to human loss of life.
We broght the entire world to a stand still over lockdowns and no freedom of movement of pwople during covid. Why?
To “Stay at home, saves lives”
So what are we the humans of the world doing now to save Ukrainian lives?

Joe Biden can give a wonderful speech and yell how taxes will be done better for everybody. Well how about this. Each and every nation of the world are failing the Ukrainian people right now when they need assitance the most.
Screw your taxes and your systems as you are a collective of true failures.

Take the power play and remove Putin. Blow up their “convoy” of invasion troops and send them home. The russians that is of course. Restore peace and restore life to 1 million refugees
Take control of Chinese islands in international waters.
Rebuild Ukraine, and SAVE LIVES… Or you politically stand for nothing. Your sysyem is for nothing.
Pyton is merely highlighting how an entire world can be afraid and nervous about 1 man…

Come on get a grip..

Your opinion is appreciated in the comments.

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