Expertise ~ What is yours?

Your expertise, have you found it yet?

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Being an expert in something, anything. What does that mean to you? What can you provide by being an expert?

We all have talents of a very vast range of “things”. There are athletes, musicians and actors alike who provide us with entertainment. There are scientists who have been center stage over the past two years by working tirelessly to bring us covid vacinations.
Makes me pause for a moment, some scientific experts have never had so much work on their plate as of the last two years. The entire world definitely became dependent on their expertise.
So what is yours?
Where and when do you see your expertise kicking in and giving the good folks of the world your expert advice and opinions?

Present day we have experts in war in our daily news feeds. Of course military Generals etc have lived an entire life devouted to focusing and dedicating their minds to being experts in war and war manoeuvres. Sad but true that such expertise is highly necessary.

In 2019 I wrote a book where I delivered to you my own expertise. The book is titled, Layman’s Handbook in life and subtitled, A journey to SELF.
All that I have learned in my short 40 something years has been quite complicated as I looked back. My expertise in life, rebuilding, resilience, change, overcoming, triumph and understanding. My own emotional understanding and the most important, a pathway to a peaceful mind.
Why did I share these insights and why did I break the topics down into simple terms, Layman’s terms?

In my life learning I have found that we as humans are very complicated even on our own surface level. I also found that many who find themselves in situations where they are crying out for “HELP” are less likely to wish for a book full of psychology or psychiatric terminology. I shared a book containing “simple tools to change how we live”.

My own expertise has not been a career of writing. My expertise has been in living. Living to achieve each and every day. I have not learned or taken notes in a university class, as a matter of fact I could be labelled as a “high school drop out”. I mention this to give you an idea of the real position of where I have gained my own perspective.
Life coaching is definitely an active industry in our world today, alongside mental health focus and the pursuit of emotional well-being.

I have learned in my lifetime that these are the key factors in our own success. Quietening our own mind long enough for us to hear our own heart beat. Long enough to allow our universe in and allow our own expertise rise to the fore. We all have talents and to balance this we all have learned negative drawbacks. When we invest in ourselves we are feeding our talents and our expertise. Your expertise could be found in manual craftsmanship, culinary, understanding and empathy, investing and financials, perspective and insight. They are so many areas of life where you are super valuable. I simply suggest you give yourself your own best chance.

My own expertise is born out of living and doing. Going through it and getting through”it”.
I am a person who understands what it is to feel like when we want to give up, give in so to speak. I am a person who understands the simplistic approach and how to find it.

I titled the book “Layman’s Handbook” as I do not have any official title with letters or doctorates. I am not a university educated graduate and am merely a “layman”. Understanding that life is much more beautiful when we get super basic about our approach.

I suggest you invest in yourself and read my book Layman’s Handbook in life. I suggest you seek out the simple tools in life and quit complicating things more than needs be. We are complicated by design, when we slow our life down for small moments we can begin to see our own expertise, we can then begin to harness that power and share with the world and basically improve our fellow humans lives.

You have your talents, you have your beauty, you have your strength.
Let’s begin to tap in to them. Let’s get you going in 2022.

Ignite a fire in yourself with any of my books or contact me for one on one conditioning of our lives. I am ready and willing if you are.
My expertise shared brings greater value to my life by having more achievers out there in the world. Well-being has never been so important. This is true value in life.

Enjoy March, improve April 👍😉👍

Click today.

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