Your internet use TODAY?

What can you do today?

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Yes indeed it has me wondering alright. What have you done with your internet today?

Yup the internet is your very own to use in the way you see fit. So how fitting would it be to see every poat and “spam” sponsored ad be about STOP THE WAR IN UKRAINE.

Politicians today are like little school girls when it comes to browsing social media, to check and see how many likes they got. Can you imagine for a moment the power you have in your hands by posting on social media. Not one or two or three thousand people. How about 25 million or 100 million or even 200 million people decided to use the internet in the powerful way it has been intended. To reach each other from all over the world instantaneously.

Yes I make advertisement posts about my books and I write random blog posts just like this one. “Random thoughts” is what I call this blog over on goodreads. Which then in turn posts to my amazon page. So yippee for me. Then these blog posts post to facebook and linkedin simultaneously. Again awesome for me and my work as an independent in the world of books.

What would I like to see this wednesday? And Thursday and Friday and Saturday. How about you make a 1 week campaign for yourself. Let us look at it simply.

Life goes on and you have to make your money and use the internet to advertise and gain clients, good for you. How about this concept you make 5 posts over the next 5 days that specifically broadcast,

1.THE WAR ON UKRAINE IS WRONG, use hashtags like russian troops and putin and war in ukraine and war crimes.

2. Putin is dictator and a LIAR, he is sending troops to slaughter and killing women and children and civillians in UKRAINE, again use a bunch of hashtags to highlight how putin has lied to his people, his troops and the world community.

3. WAR IN UKRAINE IS ILLEGAL, ditto on the multiple hashtag usage.

4. WAR CRIMES ~ PUTIN A WAR CRIMINAL, all of his russian troops carrying out the bombarding of UKRAINE.

5. INVASION OF UKRAINE IS A LIE FROM RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT, use hashtags to reach the russian internet users and the russian troops. The boots on the ground, let them hear the world voice. Educate them of how they are also carrying out the war crimes.

How brainwashed must a russian fighter pilot be to keep on blowing up innocent civilians in Ukraine? He has been lied to by putin and does not know what he is doong or he also lives in fear of a murderer ~Putin.

Yes the world politically bodies are helping and doing all they can to avoid a world war. Putin has used crimean troops and asking for Syrian troops and asking for chinese assistance.

You as a member of the world have the power in your hands. Use your social media to make posts like the suggested ones above. Do you think they will have no effect?

Make the posts and see. Oh yeah a handful of people posting on the internet cannot stop a war. Allow me to be clear, in the modern world the internet is a powerful tool, when the entire world stops selling their products for one day, when photos of nail polish and cat naps are turned into Ukrainian support, you will see how strong the internet really is.

Social media is the market place of the entire world today in 2022, you have power in Your hands.

Tag your friends in this post, share everywhere possible. For what? For my own popularity? Screw that, it is about taking active ACTION to help the iron man of today president zelensky. Take affirmative action today. Make your posts be about ukraine and reach those russian soldiers who really have no clue how all of us in the rest or the world know that bombing and killing in Ukraine is wrong to the nth degree.

Make your posts today. You wanna make a difference in the world? Start by posting for Ukraine. Screw the shame and any embarrassing moments you may have for posting in support of Ukraine. Use your clout, use your influence to help the people who are 3million plus in refugees and who knows how many dead. Let me ask you, is it okay to worry about making a sale today while a child gets blown up in an airstrike?

Is it okay to have life as usual while innocent people and their homes are being destroyed at the hands of a dictator? Is it okay for a lunatic to threaten the world with nuclear weapons while we all go about our lives as normal? Pushed around by an autocrat. Direct your messages at your local politicans and demand immediate action. IMMEDIATE.

Share this post convince the world to stand up to this piece of shit putin. The Ukrainian people are not deserved of all of this torture. The Ukrainian people are deserving of your every post.

Ah but you think it will do nothing, make a post each day for five days, make 5 posts a day across your platforms. Encourage all of your friends to make similar posts…..

Work together bigger and bolder than the George Floyd movement. Make a statement greater than ever before. Make enough posts that can help drive 1 million or 5 million russian people to the streets in protest. This is the hope for Ukraine that the russian people will overthrow Putin when they finally figure out how the entire world is against their war efforts and the continued killing of innocent Ukrainian people.

The internet is a powerful tool and you have it in your hands today to make a real difference. If you would like to help this effort, share this post everywhere you know and can. Post your posts all day starting now. Turn the entire world of the wide web blue and golden, educate the russian people of how horrible it all is and what is really going on.

Stand up and be counted this time. Let us save the world from another 80 year history of mourning like that of the hitler era. STAND UP TODAY FOLKS show the russian people the power of unity globally and instantly with your own social media platforms.

You can copy and paste this line if you wish

остановить войну это ПУТИН незаконная война

It says, Putin has lied to you the war is illegal 
Basically, in a nutshell. I got it from google translate 

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