OPINION REQ. Your wisdom, please

How do you do it?

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OPINION REQ. Your wisdom, please

So, we all made it this far and Christmas and new year came an went as they do each and every year. Thank goodness for that or perhaps you want it all back again and do it over and over each weekend.So to kick off the new year I wanted to ask some advice. A little wisdom of yours required. I think that you may have had the few days of big dinners and the overload of pots and pans and dishes to clean.

I usually post about living in the power of NOW and how wonderful it is to manifest joy into our own lives. And in keeping with something similar here that brings about the issue of learning from each other. Asking other people to share their wisdom with us. How do we learn to be okay with ourselves if we do not ask others how do they do it? A pathway to inner peace is becoming okay with all around us also and remove niggling distractions that may remove our peace.There are so many people in the entire world that will compare their own life to the lives of others. I post and write about removing this habit of comparing to others. When we do this and when we remove it we will see the difference. There is only one of me in the entire world and I am enough. Easy words to repeat to yourself at any minute of any given day.Bac

k to my burning question and the advice that I seek. I am looking for your expertise on the issue and I believe there will be many different reasons behind your answers.


Let us imagine you belong to the face down gang, I see that the basket might become a blockade of sorts for getting the thoroughly clean. Of course this is as opposed to face up where the used end of a knife or fork for example would have the dirty end in a position of full exposure to the wash.Yes indeed my issue becomes then that the face up or the utensil end of the cutlery is then cleaned better as it has been fully splashed and sprayed and washed well. Then to remove from the basket I must handle the utensil end and therefore contaminate it for want of a better word. Isn’t it better that I remove the cutlery by using the handle end and therefore place them in the basket face down where they might not be able to get the advantage of full washing exposure.So where do you land on the face up or face down and your reasoning for this? Maybe there is a dishwasher expert out there that will give us some real tip on how the whole thing has been designed and intended.

Option 3 of course is, throw them in any auld way and be upside down and right side up etc and then dump the whole basket out when finished and handle them all how ever?

Happy new year and new year post will be posted soon / shortly. Your wisdom and or advice appreciated today for I guess some of the 1st World issues that exist. Comment below & thanks.




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