WOW 20 ~ 23

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WOW 20 ~23
It is indeed one of the cool number years. LeBron / Michael and even the 23 flavours of good old Dr. Pepper. 23, twentythree if you like, for grammar purposes and all that. I personally have chosen to not apply grammar all of the time as I have often felt that in our modern society there are many who do not get it and why should I sacrifice readers for use of grammar. Do you know what I mean? Many writers out there get what I am saying and many have sacrificed, many on the flip side will persevere to preserve. Just kind of how it goes really.

So 23 is well and truly upon us and have you managed to stay true to your resolutions? I ask for a specific reason, the reason being that if you have done so well done to you and if you have not; well done to you also. There is no shame in falling short nor in not completing. It may suck a little bit in the short term, the really good piece is you made an attempt and you have now got some more knowledge about how to go about your goals in a different way next time. That right there is an awesome advantage of never having given it a go in the first place.


Another of my reasons for asking the loaded question is to dive into the importance of here and now. Our feelings or how we tick. Ya see, if one is not achieving the year they may have felt they wanted, that right there is totally okay too. Why so and how?To be in the here and now is to acknowledge where we are today and not a dream of where we wish to be come year end. The power of this is huge beyond what you may want to accept or understand. Right here right now writing this is where I am supposed to be. Accepting this fact brings me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction and an all around happiness to my day. Because I am not stressed over yesterday nor panicked about tomorrow. This is where I am meant to be precisely at this time. This is the point I wish to hammer home with you today. Wherever you find yourself good, bad or indifferent it is indeed where you are meant to be for right now and to live in the here and now and accept where it is that we are is a great peaceful happy state to find ourselves in. I speak on this from a very real position of growth and learning from within my own life. I am not saying you can read the chapter above and understanding my point that all will be resolved for you. I am saying that it is a great frame of mind to adopt into your life. The power of here and now. No other portion of our life mean anything to us except for this precise moment. All that our life is a tower of moments all stacked on top of each other and we get to enjoy only one at a time. Can you grasp that? If so, you are on your way to great peace and happiness. Well done to you. If you are someone who struggles with remaining in the here and now. Continue to make attempts at bringing yourself back to NOW repeatedly throughout your day. It is your willingness to give it a good go is what will bring you there when all is meant to be. Which kind of speaks to my motto a little “Never Give Up”.

Keep on enjoying twenty twenty three and I look forward to meeting more of you this coming year. For all of you who read a long with me and never say hi, Hi there, fellow human. For all who are here at this point with me right now, thank you for your time and a happy new year to you. And for all who took the time to wish me a happy birthday, thank you to all of you too. Let’s engage with each other this year writers and bloggers alike. Hi, and comment below.

Whatever you are going through whereever you are at in your life.


1Luv . @TWOsonsTOOmany

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