Friday Feeling ~ Callous.

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Friday Feeling ~ Callous

There is no point to me pretending, this whole corona virus stuff. It is unavoidable to bring up a few thoughts here and there.
We began back in late January, early February with alerts and hearing about this deadly disease type thing that was wiping out Chinese people like there was no tomorrow.
Of course we did not need to do anything as who would think such a deadly virus would spread all over the world?

NOT me, that’s for sure. Did you?

So how has this treated you? How do you feel about the whole thing of Covid~19?


I have used the word callous in the title of the post here today, I see that many could hide behind the use of the word complacent perhaps? Callous seemed to me a better word.
I know it is more to do with the offensive attitude or disregard for others. More simply perhaps the idea of how a tired old man may look down upon his calloused hands. Meaning of how they have hardened from years of hard work.
Callous, the hard skin that forms on the hands after loads upon loads of hard manual labour.

I must believe the callous nature in which the whole corona virus has been handled is something maybe all of you can understand too.
The callousness in this is not the hardened hands of an older labourer, nope this time we can see the word in the context of disregard for others, an insensitive nature. Just as the workers hands have hardened, so now have our attitudes,

Did I ever think that mass graves would be something that could become so easily acceptable in the now so called “civilized world”?

Did I ever think that my nightly news reel would repeat every evening on a “death count”?

Did I ever think I would see and hear people want to riot for their freedom. Not just “freedom of speech” ?

I have to say with all my anti callousness, my answer to the above questions is;



I know I have titled the post “Friday Feeling” & callous is not so much of a feeling as it is an overall attitude these days. Just as the labourers hands became calloused from all the years of hard work. We, the general public have become hardened also, hardened in our attitudes towards such horrific scenes as MASS GRAVES for corona virus victims. We have become hardened to the daily death rate reporting.
We have become hardened and have developed a “callous attitude” towards Covid-19.

* Callous, the hard pieces of skin on the hardened hands of a hard working person.

* Callous, an insensitive attitude & cruel disregards for others.

What feeling could one really use to describe what it actually is that we as a human race are feeling towards this corona virus?


The efforts to “flatten the curve” may very well be working, though slowly, by staying at home.
The campaign of #StayAtHomeSavesLives is strong and deserves strong consideration.

Can our callousness be so bad that we think the death rate we are hearing every day is fake?
Can our callousness be so bad that we have developed a cloak of complacency to hide behind?
“Oh it will never happen to me”

Who do you think these numbers of deaths represent?
Real people, that is who, real folks just like you and me. A great way to create the cloak of complacency is to say something like either one of these statements;

“It is only killing old people, I will be fine”


“If I get it, I get it. What’s it going to do, kill

YES, it has a high chance of killing you. That is what the entire world has been breaking their pockets trying to do, save you from doing, not getting dead!

NO, you will not be fine as all ages and races and genders have been “getting dead” from this virus.

So why so callous?
So why so complacent?

I do not write to drive any additional fears your way. I do not wish to bring about further anxiety in your life.
I merely wish to offer a snippet of thought your direction. I wish to bring about a situation where by reading something I have written you might, pause for a moment, give it a little thought and perhaps & I do say perhaps. Perhaps you will become a tiny little bit more empathetic towards the poor people who have died from this virus, I hope you will share a thought for all of those who are gasping for air because of the corona virus and most of all I hope you will bury the complacent attitude for a day or two more & remain at home .
Stay at home saves lives.


Becoming callous in our attitudes is very much a choice. Maybe the hard worker who’s hands became calloused could have worn gloves or used hand creams. They had a choice.
You too have a choice in this situation of corona virus.
You can be callous to the whole thing or you can use your brains and take an action based upon your own thoughts and feelings.
Riot in the streets or give TIME a chance to rid us of the corona virus. We can do the latter by staying at home.
Mind you who wouldn’t love a good riot, right about now? Lock down would get ya feeling that way anyway.


Now for the advertising. What would a blog post be without a bit of advertising.
I have plenty of writing efforts to offer you reading material to bring about a few thoughts or emotions while reading.

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Do all the decisions we make in life have major consequences and major affect on our lives as we grow?
Are everyday decisions something that mean nothing to us and we are going to end up at our destination anyway?
At what time in life can a major life altering decision come about for us?
For many it may have never even happened, “yet”.
For me I was 17.

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Point being I was completely shattered and a single fiber inside of me said NEVER GIVE UP.
I grasped for anything & everything. I began to find answers and rebuilt myself. The tools and methods that I found worked best, I have shared with you. No matter what turmoil you might find yourself in, there is a way through it.
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Have a wonderful weekend. Please do comment below either about this post or any of my books.
Share this post for all of your friends and help them realize that staying at home is not such a bad choice after all.
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