How strong is the hashtag? #blog



Using the hashtag and using the internet.

As always, I would like to see if you can think for a minute or three along the lines of that which crosses my mind too. Maybe you too have had these thoughts and just never said them to yourself like when you read them. Hence the blog😊
The mighty hashtag comes to my mind this evening and how and where we use them.

As many of you know I am on twitter under the handle, which is my flagship #memoir (we will get to why I used #) @TWOsonsTOOmany. This handle is the title of my memoir as well and has been the mainstay for my #writing. Being an independent author means using a few online platforms and to keep on spreading the word on my #books for all of you #avidreader folks.
So the hashtag and our online use. Basically or maybe even some other #indieauthors out there might pick up a thing or two. Who knows?
Why do we use the hashtag? I use it to help catch a glimpse of an eye from a twitter user or three and my usage sometimes is way over the top.
There are many great articles online about using two or three hashtags on twitter to drum up some interest in a tweet. That is great and to be honest I have had massive responses to tweets with loads of hashtags and similar response to tweets with none.
Although it would be fair to say I have not really had time to study exactly the data. I think or I find that using less hashtags can get less interaction to be honest. But #twitter is definitely a funny old monster in itself.
Timing of such hashtag use may be a more precise way to study such things.
On #Facebook it is explained that hashtags have no real value only to perhaps highlight a point or feeling of the person posting.

Instagram seems to be catching on and now shows a ton of usage ideas about hashtags but the last time I read an article about this, it mentioned hashtags being as useless as they are on Facebook. You can comment below if you find any different.
It is definitely something we all use nowadays online and they say even using hashtags in a post like this can generate some audience by getting picked up around the Internet for just simply using a hashtag. Supposedly there are robots #robots out there scouring the place for hashtag use all of the time in the online world. Blows the living be jaysus out of my mind, really. Does it yours? Again #comment below.

I have thought several times to write my entire next book using hashtags and emojis only, this would be a sure fire way to be picked up all over the Internet world. And why not, we seem to be developing a whole new language all of the time anyway.

Seriously though, I also am involved in some events and this side of things would suggest that it is super important to use #hashtag to get notice from around the Internet to increase traffic. Exposure is so important for any of us who #write and if the use of hashtags can increase our exposure in even the smallest way, I highly suggest it to you.

A tweet I might make may look something like this.

Come check out my #books on
#Amazon and download to your
#kindle today.
#TWOsonsTOOmany get #inspired

The hashtag is for the reason of what’s import for me as an independent author. I want anyone who may seek out the ever so popular Thursday tweets of “Thursday thoughts” to notice my tweet. Books I hashtag of course because it is what I am selling and again as the indie author, we become the entire marketing department too.
I make reference to amazon and kindle as my books are available for sale there and I use my own handle as a hashtag, not that it is overly popular or something people search for but it is all part of my own brand recognition. And then I finish with get inspired as this is something many search the Internet for on a daily basis. A funny piece of that is, #inspire is less popular than #inspired so that is food for thought too.

I would like to think that my books will get maximum exposure on every tweet. (so don’t be shy, Retweet em) #17nLife is one I use for my second memoir 17 & Life, it just seemed fitting and I have received some nice Retweets of this one too.
So some of the articles I have read in the past, all said do not over saturate with hashtag usage. Other’s notes I have found around the Internet suggest to use only two per tweet and that Facebook does not find them or search them. Maybe we are wasting our time with Facebook altogether.
I have my author page over there and again it is my handle @TWOsonsTOOmany so if you would like to follow along, come and say hi.
I am certain of how many #independent #authors are here on #Goodreads so, that was my shout out to you all by the way😊

Hashtag the living hell out of it and see how your results vary across all your platforms. I can tell you selling books has been a learning part of the job. It is almost like hashtags books is a welcome hashtag around the place of the internet marketing world.

It is funny that the hashtag became the go to guy for the Internet, like I mean, we could have any other symbol. This used to be known as the pound sign and not the English pound sign either. Imagine telling someone who did not know about the pound sign or trying to explain it means number too. #123564 would be just as a mysterious a tweet as I can think up right now. Funny😂

So to all my fellow #writers, have a great rest of your week and if you are like me and are #selfpublishing or #selfpub then perhaps you can appreciate my confusion on the correct or proper use of the esteemed HASHTAG.

Ah we will merely struggle on with the hashtag use for another while until one of us can come up with the next knew thing. Maybe that could be your comment below, what would best to replace the hashtag? Maybe my next tweet will get zero Retweets if I am ever called out for such blatant disrespect to the #
Oh well.
Have a nice week folks. As always, find my books and read & review. Follow on twitter and Facebook and should any of you wish to be more engaged with my “stuff” my #Website link is


IMG_20190215_014356  @TWOsonsTOOmany

3 comments on “How strong is the hashtag? #blog”

  1. Interesting. Thank you. I don’t really understand the value of hash-tags from my experience. I use them inconsistently and at random in some things, because that is what the advice says… I also don’t know why some days i can leave a reply to fellow bloggers like yourself, and some days it all disappears, including the post! Mysteries!!!


    1. I have no idea either. There are many things that come and go hahahahaha.
      spent a whole evening recently wondering why the cursor kept swallowing up words instead of just doing a space on word… I new it was something I must pres.. ahh who knows half of the time.
      As for the hashtags. Some platforms use them widely and others like facebook have no algorithm running to recognize them. So facebook posts do nothing with hashtags. Google though will find them…
      I believe in the hashtag.

      Liked by 1 person

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